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Lace Wigs

How Do Lace Wigs Work? | Types of Lace - French or Swiss? | What is Swiss Lace? | What is French Lace? | Full lace or Front Only?Cap Constructions | Common Full Lace Cap Wigs | Human Hair Lace WigsDensities and PartingsHighlights for Full Lace Wigs | Synthetic Lace Wigs | Synthetic Lace Wig Options | Synthetic Lace Wigs Beginner's Guide Ready to Wear Wigs – In Stock | Pros & Cons of Lace Front Wigs | Synthetic Lace Wig TexturesHow To Attach a Lace Wig | How to Put on a Lace Wig (with images) | Choosing The Right Coloured Lace How To Measure Your Head For a Lace Wig | Are Lace Wigs Right For You? | Skin Tone and Hair Colour Overview | Hair Colours for Darker Skin Tones | Hair Colours For Medium Skin Tones | Hair Colours for Lighter Skin Tones |

Customising Wigs

Design Your Lace WigCustom Lace Wig Process Guide | Custom Lace Wig Texture and Colour Questions | Options for Custom Lace Front Wigs | Options for Custom Full Lace Wigs

Hair Textures For Lace Wigs

Overview of Lace Wig Hair Textures | Silky StraightLight Yaki | Yaki Straight | Kinky Straight (Blow Dried Afro) | Body Wave | Water Wave | Deep Wave | Curly Textures | Kinky Curly Texture | Afro Textures

Full Lace Wig Cap Constructions

Introduction to Lace Wig Cap Constructions | No stretch (lace only and nothing else) | Ear-to-ear stretch | Stretch tabs at the ears (also known as stretch ear tabs) | Stretch at the crown | Silk top (also known as hidden knots, silk base and lace injected ) | Thin skin perimeter | Full thin skin | No glue (adhesive) needed "glueless" 

Lace Front Wig Cap Constructions

Stretch caps | Standard open wefts | Don't require adhesives "glueless" | V-Lace front wigs 

Maintaining, Styling & Washing Lace Wigs

Top Tips For Looking After Your Lace Wig | Daily Maintenance & Styling Lace Wigs | How To Wash Lace Wigs | Washing Lace Wigs Method 1 | Washing Lace Wigs Method 2 |Washing, Styling & Storing Synthetic Lace Wigs

Shop For Full Lace Wigs

Ready to Wear (stock) CatalogueWater Wave 18" Dark Brown | Body Wave 18" Dark Brown | Straight 18" Dark Brown | Deep  Wave 18" Dark Brown |Silky Straight 18" Strawberry Blonde Mix | Yaki Straight 18" Dark Brown | Yaki Straight 18" Reddish-BrownKinky Straight 16" Dark Brown | Light Yaki 14" Dark Brown | Light Yaki 14" Chocolate Brown | Soft Afro Curl 14" | Light Yaki 18" Dark Brown

Shop For Lace  Front Wigs

Ready to Wear (stock) Catalogue | Water Wave 18" | Kinky Curly 18" | Deep Wave 18" | Curly V-Lace Front Wig 18" | Silky Straight 18" | Body Wave 18" | Yaki Straight 18" | Silky Straight 18" Strawberry Blonde | Straight V-Lace Front Wig 18" | Micro-Crimped  Bob Brown & Honey Blonde 15" | Wavy Brown & Honey Blonde  Ombre 18" | Body Wave Brown & Chocolate Cherry Ombre 18" | Deep Wave 20" | 

Shop For Outlet Wigs

Outlet Wigs Guide | Outlet Wigs & Weaves

Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

Ready to Wear (In-Stock) Synthetic LW Catalogue | Reva-Black | Sydney 20”KellySydney-Brown 20” | Sia-Blonde |

Adhesives, Solvents & Removers

Adhesive, Solvent & Remover Run Down | Walker Ultra HoldMity-Tite Adhesive | Blue Liner Lace Front Support Tape | Ghost Bond XL | Oil Resistant White GlueSilicone Brush-on | Invisi-Bond Waterproof AdhesiveEndura-Bond Adhesive | Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive | Davlyn Green Label AdhesiveRapid Release Remover | Lace Release Remover | Top-Loc Knot SealerWalker Scalp Protector

Your Lace Wig Questions Answered

Compendium of Questions | Wholesale Lace Wigs | Wholesale Lace Wig Programmes | Indian Remy Full Lace Wigs | Finding UK Lace Wig Shops | Dark Blonde Lace Front Wigs | Ombre Lace Wigs | Wavy Full  Lace Wigs | Water Wave Lace Wig Care | Deep Wave Texture and Care | Ultra Hold Adhesive | The Best Lace Wig Adhesive | Perspiration-Resistant Lace Wig Glue | Wig Adhesive for Oily SkinCaring for Kinky Curly Lace Wigs | Wash and Condition Kinky Curly Lace Wigs | Washing Curly Lace Wigs | Oils for Curly Lace Wigs | Moisturizing Curly Lace Wigs | Curly Lace Wig Care GuideWash Yaki Lace Wigs | Oils for All Lace Wigs | Using Oil on Lace Wigs | Frontal Lace Wigs | What are Lace Wigs? | Advantages of Synthetic Lace Wigs | Things to Know Before Buying | More Things to Know Before Buying | Best Lace Wig for Round FacesBest Lace Wig for Square Faces | Best Lace Wig for Oval Faces | Best Lace Wig for Heart Faces | Best Lace Wig for Oblong Faces | Celebrity Styled Lace Wigs |  Remy Hair Overview | Remy Hair Benefits and Features | More Affordable Lace Front Wigs | Washing Lace Wigs | Dye Lace Wigs | Lace Wig Won't Curl | Straight and Curly Wigs Become Wavy | Best Lace Wig for Oily SkinAfrican American Lace Wig Textures | Curly Wigs for African American Women | Straight Wigs for African American Women | Features of Affordable Lace Wigs | Full Lace Wigs & Baby Hair | Full Lace Front Wigs | Washing Long Wigs | Remy Lace Front Wigs | Sew In A Lace Front Wig | 

Wig & Hair Extension Ideas

| Pink Wigs | Red Wigs | Grey Lace Wigs | Blue Lace Wigs | Green Lace Wigs | Blonde Lace Wigs | Blue Hair Extensions | Red Lace WigsHow to Make a Wig | DIY Two-Tone Wig | Pink Hair Extensions | Dip-Dye Hair Weave Extensions | DIY Wig With Fringe (Bangs) | Cut Fringe Bangs into Weave and Wigs  | DIY Clip-in Hair Extensions | DIY Layered Bob Wig | DIY Side Part Bob Wig | Attach Lace ClosureDIY Lace Wig Fringe Bangs | Bob Wig With Bangs | How to Wash a Wig | Make a Wig Compendium |

Assorted Wig Info

The Wigs By Face Shape GuideHuman Hair and Synthetic Extensions and Wigs | Wigs For Black Women | Textures and Colours For African Americans | Afro Wigs | Short Wigs | Wig Colour Charts

Hair Extensions

What Are Hair Extensions? | | How To Glue In Hair Extensions | Care For Glue-In Hair Extensions | Artificial Hair ExtensionsStyling Synthetic Hair Extensions | Coloured Hair Extensions  | Hair Extension Oil Treatment

Hair Weaving

Weaving 101! | Tracking Technique | Net Weaving Technique | Bonding Technique | Hair Weave Textures | Daily Styling Hair Weave Products | Hair Weave Cleansing Products | Hair Weave Oils | Hair Weave Conditioners 

Textures for Hair Weaves

Overview of Textures for Hair Weaves | Silky Straight Hair Weave | Light Yaki Hair Weave | Yaki Straight Hair Weave | Kinky Straight Hair Weave | Body Wave Hair Weave | Loose Wave Hair Weave | Water Wave Hair Weave | Deep Wave Hair Weave | Kinky Curly (Loose Afro Curl) Hair Weave | Afro Curl Hair Weave |

Clip In Hair Extensions

What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions? | Clip-In Extensions FAQs | Multi Coloured Clip-In Extensions Clip in Hair Extension Care | Washing Clip in Hair Extensions | Oils and Conditioners for Clip in Hair Extensions |

Textures for Clip Hair Extensions

Overview of Textures for Clip Hair Extensions | Silky Straight Clip Hair Extensions | Light Yaki Clip Hair ExtensionsYaki Straight Clip Hair Extensions | Kinky Straight Clip Hair Extensions | Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions | Wavy Clip Hair Extensions | Deep Wave Clip Hair Extensions | Kinky Curly (Loose Afro Curl) Clip Hair Extensions | Afro Curl Clip Hair Extensions |

Braided Hair Extensions – No Glue In Sight!

Basics of Braided Extensions | Braid Extension CareCondition Braid Extensions | Dreadlock Hair Extensions | Caring For Dreadlock Extensions | Afro Kinky Hair Extensions | Braiding Coloured Hair Extensions 

Micro Link Hair Extensions, Textures and Care

Micro Link Hair Extensions | Micro Loop Hair Extensions | Micro Link Care Guide | Maintaining Micro Ring Extensions | Texture Overview for Micro Ring Hair Extensions | Curly Textures | Wavy Textures | Straight Textures | Combing | Washing | Drying | Swimming and Sports | Heat Styling and Dyeing | 

Tape-in Hair Extensions - Textures and Care

 Tape Extension Overview | Skin Weft Texture Overview | Silky Straight | Yaki Straight | Kinky Straight | Body Wave | Water Wave | Deep WaveCurly | Kinky Curly | Afro Curl | Daily Styling | Washing Tape Extensions | Conditioning Nourishment for Tape Extensions |

Your Hair Extension Questions Answered

Compendium of Questions | Wavy Extensions with Straight Hair | Wholesale Hair Weave | Afro Hair Weave Care | Combing Afro Hair WeaveAfro Curl Hair Weave | Kinky and Yaki Hair WeaveCurly African American Hair Extensions | Wavy African American Human Hair ExtensionsReturning Hair Extensions | Things to Know Before Buying | More Things to know before buyingStraight Clip Hair Extensions | Wavy Clip Hair Extensions | Curly Clip Hair Extensions |Kinky Curly & Kinky Straight Clip Hair Extensions | Afro and Yaki Straight Clip Hair Extensions | Before Buying Hair Weave | Sew in Hair Weave | Braiding Hair Weave | Washing Curly Hair Weave | Black Clip Hair ExtensionsColours for Different Skin Tones | Colours for Darker Skin Tones | Colours for Medium Skin Tones | Colours for Light Skin Tones | Pre Glued Extensions | Glue in Hair Extension Care | Wash and Condition Glue in Hair Extensions | Afro Hair Extensions | The Best Human Hair Extensions | Caring For Human Hair Extensions | Sewn In Hair Weave Care | Wash Sew In Hair Weave | Oils & Sew In Hair Weave  | Condition Sew in Hair WeaveBasic Hair Extension Care Human & Synthetic | Alternative Hair Extension Glue Removers | Beaded Hair Extensions | Oils for Curly Hair Extensions | Moisturize Curly Extensions | Washing Long Hair Extensions | Remy Hair Extensions | Virgin Remy Hair Extns Remy Hair Weave | Non-Remy Hair Weave | Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair | DIY Hair Extensions | Dyeing Hair Weave | Temporary Hair Extensions | All Hair Weave Questions | 

Your Braid Hair Extension Questions Answered

Compendium of Questions | Ombre Hair Braiding Extensions | Washing Braided Hair Extensions | How-to crochet braids | Securing Crochet Braids | How-to Twist Braids | Washing Crochet Braids |

Wig Information For Sudden Hair Loss

Wigs for Cancer Treatment | Cost For NHS Wigs

Blogs, Searching Our Site, Contact, Ts & Cs

Join The Blog for UpdatesPrivacy PolicyAbout Peruke | Contact Us!Search Our Site! | Payments, Returns & Refunds | Shipping and Delivery Quick Guide | Discount Lace Wigs |

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