Condition Braid Hair Extensions
(Braid Extension Care: Part Three - Conditioning)

Should you condition braid hair extensions?

Here's a trick answer: you should condition your braid hair extensions if you would condition your growth hair if you weren't wearing braided extensions... and you would condition it, right? Right. Hair is hair, whether in braided extensions, under a wig or under hat and it requires some level of conditioning.

Tricolour Hair Braiding ExtensionsTricolour Hair Braiding Extensions

Protein is used in conditioners to help repair (reconstruct) hair, however protein can also dehydrate hair (as the protein contained in conditioners absorb moisture from the hair) which means the hair can become brittle and fragile.

You can choose a conditioner with added oils to help seal in the moisture (water) or moisturize the braid extensions after using conditioning (be sure to moisturize from the attachment point to where your growth hair ends within the braid extensions)

Good conditioners contain proteins that are absorbed by the hair and help rebuild each hair strand internally.
Great conditioners also contain oils to make the hair supple and seal in moisture.

It's always a good idea to deep condition your growth hair before you have braid extensions attached - in fact scrap that. It's more than just a good idea, it's vital if you're going to be unable to deep condition your growth hair whilst you wear braid extensions.

How often should braid hair extensions be conditioned?

Another trick answer: You should condition your braid extensions as often as you would condition your growth hair if you weren't wearing braided extensions...

Since we like tips as well as tricks, we'll go ahead and say that you can condition your braided hair extensions as often as you wash them and if you haven't already read the braid extension washing guide, then here are the suggestions:

  • Cool environments or low perspiration levels; ideally braids should be washed and conditioned every two weeks but at least every three weeks.
  • Regular exercise and perspiration; braids should be washed at least once a week and conditioned every two or three weeks.

If you wash your braids often enough, then you won't need to rub or agitate the hair in order for it to be clean; which means the braids are less likely to fray.

Different ways to condition braid hair extensions

Daily Styling: Well not quite daily, but every few days, braids can be lightly misted with a leave-in conditioner. Spray the leave-in conditioner along the length of growth hair. Be sure to maintain your braid extension moisturizing routine after using leave-in conditioner.

When Washing: You can deep condition by applying conditioner to the braid extensions (only along the length of your growth hair) putting on a shower cap and leaving for 15 minutes before rinsing (detailed steps below).

 Basic steps to condition your braid hair extensions:

You can condition your braid extensions in the same way as you wash them. You can use this method (minus the combing) in the shower.

  1. Section your braided hair into four parts (two at the front and two at the back) and make four large loose braids.

  2. Secure the four large loose braids with hairbands.

  3. Mix your chosen conditioner with some warm water in a container.

  4. Pour this mixture over each of the four large loose braids making sure your scalp gets wet too. You can do all of them at the same time or just one at a time.

  5. Gently squeeze each of your four large loose braids (you can pat your scalp but you shouldn't need to rub it).
    lternatively, you can keep opening and closing your hand (squeezing) your braids at the same time as using your other hand to pour the shampoo and water mix over the large loose braid section.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you're satisfied the braided hair extensions are clean.

  7. Rinse the hair by pouring warm water over each of your large loose braids and scalp as described in steps 4 and 5.

  8. Squeeze excess water from the braids and wrap in a towel to dry - you can use a hair dryer but lower heat settings are best and try not to have it too close to your hair (excessive heat can damage your natural growth hair).

  9. Use a spray pump filled with your moisturizer of choice and spray the parts of the braid that contain your growth hair to seal moisture into the hair. If your braid hair extensions are made of human hair, then spray the rest of the braids too.

Conditioning braided hair extensions complete!

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