Lace Wigs Questions and Answers
(Traditional Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, Full lace Wigs and Lace Frontals) 
Your Questions Answered

Why make a guide about lace wigs questions and answers? Well it's simple; folks seem to have a lot of questions about lace wigs (whether lace front, full lace or lace frontals) so we thought the best way to answer these questions was to... well... er... answer them.

This isn't so much an FAQ (frequently asked question) section, but a mix of FAQs and what we call the questions that are not asked rarely enough to be called infrequently asked questions, but not asked often enough that they could be called frequently asked questions or NARETBCIAQ,BNAOETTCBCFAQ for short...Teeheehee.

OK, down to business, we've grouped the questions into themes but some don't quite fit a particular theme so we've gone with what seems to fit best.

If you have a common or less common or question about lace wigs, extensions or hairpieces, drop us a line - we don't know everything, but we only improve by learning and it'd be great to hear from you.

Buying Wigs (traditional caps, full and lace front wigs)
Where can you find lace wig shops on the high street?
What are affordable lace front wigs?
What features make lace wigs more affordable?
What are in stock lace wigs?
What should you know before you buy lace wigs?
Things to consider before you buy lace wigs?

Colours For Lace Front Wigs & Other Wigs
What colours are dark blonde lace front wigs?
What colours are available for ombre lace front wigs? 
Are there blue lace front wigs?
Are there green lace front wigs?
Are there grey lace front wigs?
Are there blonde lace wigs?
Are there red lace front wigs?
Are there red monofilament wigs?
Are there pink wigs?
Do full lace wigs come in fancy colours?

Curly Lace Wigs (and traditional cap wigs)
Which oils are good for curly hair wigs and when is it best to use them?
What's the best moisturizer for curly lace wigs and can you use Vaseline?
How do you comb, moisturize and style kinky curly lace wigs?
What are the basic textures for African American lace front wigs?
What are the curly wigs for African American Women?
What are the straight wigs for African American Women?
How do you care for curly lace front wigs?

Customizing Lace Wigs
What are the options to customise full lace wigs?
What are the options for customizing lace front wigs?
When do you have to pay for custom lace wigs?
What are the colours and textures for custom-made lace wigs?

How do you make your own wig?
How do you make a two-tone wig?
How do you sew-in a lace front wig?

Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs
What are lace wigs & how do they differ from other wigs?
What are the basics of human hair lace wigs?
What are the pros and cons of human hair wigs?
What are full lace cap wigs?
What are the different lace front wig cap designs?
Can anyone wear a lace front wig?
What are celebrity lace wigs?
What are the different densities for lace wigs?
Do all full lace wigs come with baby hair?
What are full lace front wigs?

Care Qs
Should oil be used on human hair lace wigs?
When is the best time to use oil on human hair wigs?
What are frontal lace wigs?
Can lace wigs be dyed?
What are the best lace front wigs for oily skin?
How do prepare your skin for wearing lace wigs with adhesives?

Lace Qs
What colour is the lace?
What is French lace?
What is Swiss lace?
What's the difference between French and Swiss Lace?

Texture Qs
Why won't my lace wig hold a curl and why is it wavy when wet?
What should I do if my curly or straight  hair wig becomes wavy?

Lace Wig Adhesives
Can Ultra Hold lace wig adhesive last for 42 days?
Which is the best lace wig adhesive?
Which lace wig glue is perspiration resistant?
Which lace front wig glue works with oily skin?

Remy Hair
What are remy lace wigs?
Is 100% remy the only option or is non-remy an option?
Is Indian remy hair easier to manage and is it affordable?
Should I buy a remy lace front wig?

Washing Wigs (lace wigs, lace front wigs and traditional cap wigs)
Is there a step by step guide to washing curly lace wigs?
How do you wash and condition kinky curly lace wigs?
How often should lace wigs be washed and what should be used?
How do you care for and wash Yaki lace wigs?
How do you wash long hair wigs (lace wigs and traditional wigs)?

Wavy Lace Wigs (and traditional cap wigs)
What are the different types of wavy lace wigs?
How do you treat water wave lace wigs & should the texture change after washing?
Are deep wave texture lace wigs actually curly?

Synthetic Lace Wigs
What are the advantages of synthetic lace wigs?
What textures are there for synthetic lace wigs?
How are synthetic lace front wigs different?

Wigs By Face Shape
What's the best lace wig for round shaped faces?
What's the best lace wig for square shaped faces?
What's the best lace wig for oval shaped faces?
What's the best lace wig for heart shaped faces?
What's the best lace wig for oblong or rectangular shaped faces?

Wholesale Lace Front Wigs
What do they cost and what are the minimum order quantities?
What kind of wholesale arrangements are available?

As always the Peruke Caveat applies:

This is a guide only, you can take the answers to any of these questions and use them, or you can leave the information and go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

As we said before ultimately it's about having hair that you can wear with confidence.

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