Bold Blue Lace Front Wigs

Be Bold With Blue Lace Front Wigs

If you're favourite colour is blue, then blue lace front wigs might just be the lace front wig colour for you.

Who Can Wear?
Blue is a very versatile colour and comes in a wide spectrum of shades and hues and so there's a blue for every skin tone - it's safe to say that tone is everything, and as long as you can find the right tone of blue - you'll look great.

You can either stick with the on-going trend of dark roots, whether as a T-colour, dip-dye or ombre look.

If you have a darker complexion then perhaps the lightest shades of blue might be too dramatic (although they'll still complement your skin tone). If a statement is what you're after then any shade of blue will suit and if you're trying to go for a sophisticated look then the darker blues, either as an all over colour or T-colour would be best.

If you're lighter in complexion or pale, the lightest shades of blue will work well with your skin tone without washing out your complexion and if you're aiming for subtle or super chic looks then head to the darker shades of blue including ombre effects - be aware that ink-blue colours may make you appear ever paler due to the contrast in skin tone with the depth of the blue hue.

If you really want to turn heads, then blues that veer into turquoise will certainly do it.  The images on this page show the different types of blue and although only modelled by mannequins, they show the colour of the blue lace wigs against different (albeit synthetic) skin tones as well as the different types of blue lace front wigs out there.

General Outfits
If you’re going to wear blue hair then it’s better to avoid wearing blue clothes unless it’s a costume.  Silver jewellery works well with lighter or darker shades of blues. Yellow (gold or brass) tends to work best with darker shades of blue as it can clash with lighter shades of blue or add to the sense of costume (which is fine if that's your aim).

Accessories such as belts can be in any colour as they're far enough away from the blue lace wig so that they won't clash and can even enhance or accentuate the particular shade of your blue lace wig.

Blue tends not to clash with other colours (and yes, the rhyme about "blue and green must never be seen" is completely fictional - people simply say it when they don't like a mix of colours such as yellow and green or red and green or green and green!). 

If you want to down play the colour of your blue lace wig then on the top part of your body, wear clothing that that matches the temperature of the blue lace wig (so if you have a pastel blue lace wig, then wearing paler coloured shirts, blouses etc. will lessen the impact of your light blue coloured lace wig; equally darker coloured tops will mute the colour of dark blue lace wigs).

An easy rule to follow is that the darker the blue lace wig, the more stylish and the lighter the more statement-making the look.

Bold Blue Lace Front Wig Lengths...

If you're at a loss as to what length would suit you, then why not check out our wigs by face shapes guide for the lengths that suit different faces, but the best thing to think about when choosing the length of your wig is to think about the shade of the blue and whether it's a solid colour or dip-dye look - as your look will be dictated by what colour hair is framing your face. 

If it’s a bright blue then either go shorter for a sharp look, or go longer with a dip-dye look.

If it’s a dark shade of blue then shorter or longer lengths won’t seem overly dramatic.

Taking Care of Blue Lace Wigs

If you have a customised human hair blue lace wig then you’ll need to deep condition with a conditioner specifically for blue-coloured hair to ensure the colour doesn’t fade.

It’s also important to remember that human hair wigs that have already been processed for colour shouldn’t really be dyed again as it’ll shorten the lifespan of the wig.

Synthetic lace front wigs can be washed with a mild shampoo as normal.

So there it is! Proof that anyone can wear blue lace front wigs as long as the colour complements skin tone (whatever the length). Now you  can bounce through your front door and your blue lace wig will turn others green with envy!

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