How Do I Twist Braid Hair Extensions?
(and other braided hair extension questions)

"Do you have a picture guide for twist braid hair extensions?"

We certainly do have a guide pictorial guide for twisting braid hair extensions. Much like our guide for crochet hair braiding extensions, it's a detailed stage by stage guide showing the attachment technique and not a start to finish transformation; and once you've mastered the attachment technique, you'll be able to give yourself a new look in no time!

Afro Twist Hair Braiding ExtensionsAfro Twist Hair Braiding Extensions

Braid hair extensions are usually known as bulk hair (which means the hair is not sewn together as a weft).

The type of hair braiding extensions used to achieve the twists is usually synthetic hair which goes by names such as Afro Twist Braid, Havana Mambo Twist and Marley Braids - and yes before you ask, the fibres are usually Kanekalon or Toyokalon.

Tools for Twisting Braid Hair Extensions

1.  Hair braiding extensions
The number of packs depends on the intended style but for twist styles, you'll usually need a minimum of three packets of hair braiding extensions
2.  Combs
3. Shears (scissors)

Twisting Hair Braiding Extensions - Step By Step:

Step 1
Take a section of your own hair that will be the single twisted braid. and divide it into two.

Step 2
Take an amount of your hair extensions and fold it into two equal lengths. Place the extension hair over the top of the sectioned natural hair. The more hair extensions you use for each twist braid, the thicker each twist braid will be.

Step 3
Wind one section of extension hair around one subsection of your natural hair for approximately 5-7cm (2-3 inches) - this provides the attachment point for the hair extensions.

Step 4
Wind the other section of extension hair around the other subsection of your natural hair. Make sure that each section is wound in opposite directions as in the image.

Step 5
Tighten the wound sections of extension hair and natural hair as in the image so that the attached hair extensions are close to the roots of your hair (but not pulling at your scalp)

Step 6
Bring the two tightly wound sections together

Step 7
Start tightly twisting the two sections around each other as close to your roots as possible. It doesn't matter which direction you twist the hair, but try to keep to one direction for your whole head.

Step 8
Continue to twist the hair extensions (and your own hair) until you reach the bottom of the hair extensions.

Step 9
When you've reached the bottom of the hair extensions you'll have several options depending on the smoothness of the hair extensions.
Tie the ends with elasticated bands
Attach to rollers
Use crocodile hair clips to hold before sealing with hot water.

One of the features shared by different brands of twisting hair extensions is the non-smooth nature of the synthetic hair - the texture means the hair almost locks onto itself making it less likely to unravel. In the guide above - heat resistant jumbo braiding hair extensions was used and would have been sealed by elastic bands or hot water.

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