The Shipping Guide

The world of shipping, postage and delivery can be a confusing one, so read the guide to find out how you'll get your items when you order.

Your Order

When you order from us you’ll receive an e-mailed receipt which will have your unique order reference number and our e-mail address (we don’t post our e-mail address on the website site to avoid spammers).

So visit our store and peruse the perukes and if you have any questions about any of the items, just use the contact form


We thought of using fancy-schmancy packaging - you know, those lovely small-but-bulky boxes, with our logo in a cursive but not too whimsical font, with mounds of crepe paper inside, but that would mean two things: increasing the price of products to cover the cost of all that lovely packaging and; increasing the cost of postage as Royal Mail classifies small boxes as small parcels which cost more to send.

Orders sent via courier services are also in plain packaging.
Orders sent via Royal mail are in plain packaging -
no logos just plain postal bags or padded envelopes (Royal Mail classifies these items as large letters and not small parcels).

When We Ship

When using Royal Mail, items are dispatched by 14:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Items are only sent if the payment is received in full and has cleared. Any order made after 09:00 on these days will be shipped on the next scheduled shipping day.

Exclusions: UK Bank and Public Holidays (such as Good Friday and New Year's Day).

Where We Ship

We use Royal Mail as well as courier services and so we ship worldwide.

Note: Royal Mail is unable to deliver an item if the item has been sent to an address outside the UK using a service that isn’t accepted by the country it’s addressed to, it will be returned to us. In this instance, you will be refunded in full (excluding postage)


Royal Mail
Items sent using Royal Mail use a signed for service which require proof of delivery via a signature from the receiver.
Items should be with you within three working days of posting (subject to Royal Mail services)

Currently, Royal Mail Special Delivery service is not used within the UK as it would treble the price of postage.

Courier Services
Items sent using courier services usually require signature and delivery times will vary, so check the listing details of the item.

Everywhere Else

Royal Mail
Items are sent Royal Mail with proof of delivery via a signature from the receiver.
Tracking codes are available upon request ("Why upon request?" we hear you ask; it's all down to a lesson learned the laborious way. We used to automatically send tracking codes to every customer, which was all well and good right up until spending vast amounts of time doing nothing but sending tracking codes to customers only to learn that just a teeny-weeny percentage of these customers even cared about them and an even teenier-weenier percentage actually tracked their items at all).
Items should be with you within 5-7 days of posting subject to Royal Mail services.

Courier Services
Items delivered by courier services will be with you in the time-frame stated on the listing page for that item.
Tracking codes available on request

Delivery Address

Items are not sent to PO Boxes (as all items require a signature from the receiver).

Royal Mail and courier services (FedEx, UPS etc.) cannot deliver items if the delivery address is incorrect; is not permanently occupied; or if access is unsafe, impractical or unreasonable.
If this happens, Royal Mail will try to contact the recipient to arrange collection or redelivery. If this is unsuccessful, the item will be treated as undeliverable and returned to us.
If this happens and you still want the item, there will be a postage charge for sending the item a second time; when this payment has been made (subject to the payment terms) the item will be re-sent.

Delivery Charges
Delivery charges are per item and are calculated at the checkout.

Import Charges
The Complete Peruke Guide cannot be held responsible for any import duties that you (the recipient) may have to pay.
Please check your country of origin’s regulations about any applicable charges or duties.

Lost Items

As all items are sent via Royal Mail or mainstream courier services, The Complete Peruke Guide does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged items during transit and so all claims are to be made through the postal service.

Claims for lost items can only be made 15 working days (25 working days for international orders) after the products were posted, so it’s best to allow this time to pass. You can of course always contact us if unsure and we’ll check the tracking of your item where applicable (international orders).

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