Your Questions About
Hair Braiding Extensions, Answered

Folks seem to have a lot of questions about hair braiding extensions (whether synthetic braid hair extensions or human hair braid extensions), so we thought the best way to answer these questions was to... well... er... answer them.

This is more of a QTANARETBCIAQ,BNAOETTCBCFAQ (questions that are not asked rarely enough to be called infrequently asked questions, but not asked often enough that they could be called frequently asked questions) section, and not so much of an FAQ (frequently asked question) section - tee hee.

Ombre Braid Hair Extensions
Are Ombre braid hair extensions heat resistant and are non-Remy braiding hair extensions recommended?

Braided Hair Extensions
How do I wash braided hair extensions?

How do I condition my hair when wearing braid extensions?

How often should I moisturize my hair when wearing braid extensions?

How do you attach and twist braid hair extensions?

Can I swim with braided hair extensions?

Crochet Braid Hair Extensions
How are crochet braids done?

How do you secure crochet braids?

How do you wash crochet braids?

As always the Peruke Caveat applies:
This is a guide only, you can take the answers to any of these questions and use them, or you can leave the information and go whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

As we said before ultimately it's about having hair that you can wear with confidence.

If you have a common or less common or question about braided hair extensions, lace wigs or hairpieces, drop us a line - we don't know everything, but we only improve by learning and it'd be great to hear from you.

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