How Do You Wash Crochet Braids?
(and other braided hair extensions questions)

"Why should you wash crochet braiding hair extensions before using them?"

Crochet braids or any other type of attachment of hair braiding extensions can be cleansed before attachment to reduce the likelihood of any scalp irritation.

We can only go from first-hand experience where braids have been attached and then the scalp becomes very itchy. We've found that whenever we cleans hair braiding extensions before attaching them, there is less likeliness of itchy scalps.

This again is down to individual choice, but as hair braiding extensions will come in to contact with your skin, it might be an idea to cleanse them before using them - obviously if you're going to curl them using hot water prior to attachment, this will suffice, but if you're not doing that then it might be better to cleans the hair braiding extensions before their attached.

"How do you wash crochet braiding hair extensions before attaching them?"

An easy and straightforward way to wash any type of hair braiding extension prior to attachment is to soak the hair braiding extensions in a sink or basin of warm water with a capful of a disinfectant that can be used for personal hygiene (like Dettol).

Step By Step Guide to Washing Hair Braiding Extensions Prior to Attachment

You can use the method for washing wigs for washing hair braiding extensions prior to attachment and there's an image guide to show you how.

  1. Half fill your receptacle of choice with lukewarm water.

  2. Add a capful of disinfectant that can be used for personal hygiene.

  3. Soak the hair braiding extensions for 15 minutes.

  4. Rinse the hair braiding extensions several times (under a shower head or by pouring clean water over them).

  5. Allow to dry by hanging the extensions or laying them flat on a towel.

Always follow the instructions of the disinfectant product you use and perform a skin patch test to make sure you're not allergic to the cleanser before washing the hair.

"Should you wash crochet braids once they're attached?"

Crochet Hair Braiding ExtensionsCrochet Hair Braiding Extensions

It's down to individual choice whether to wash crochet braided hair extensions, but in general if you're going to wear any hair extensions for more than three weeks, it's better to wash your own growth hair to avoid any build up or potential matting.

"How do I wash crochet braided hair extensions?"

The best way to wash your crochet braided hair extensions is to use this method (minus the combing) in the shower if you have one. If you don't have a shower then you can stand in the bath pouring the water over your head and through your braids. The key to keeping your braids neat is to wash them gently and relatively often.

If you wash your braids often enough, then you won't need to rub or agitate your growth hair or your scalp in order for them to be clean.

Here are the basic steps to wash your braided hair extensions:

  1. Section your crochet hair braided extensions into four parts (two at the front and two at the back) and make four large loose braids.

  2. Secure the four large loose braids with hairbands.

  3. Mix your chosen shampoo or conditioner with some warm water in a container.

  4. Pour this mixture over each of the four large sections, but focussing on your scalp and not the length of hair braiding extensions: You can do all of them at the same time or just one at a time.

  5. Gently use your fingers to very softly massage the areas between the canerows (cornrows) - when we say massage we mean using two or three fingers to make small circular motions (you shouldn't need to use your fingernails to scratch at the scalp.

  6. Rinse the hair by pouring warm water over each of your large sections - focussing on the letting the water run over the scalp and use your fingers as described in step 5.

  7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 until you're satisfied your growth hair and scalp are clean are clean.

  8. Squeeze excess water from the braids and wrap in a towel to dry - you can use a hair dryer on a cold setting (this will protect your growth hair from heat damage and protect your crochet hair braiding extensions if they are not heat resistant).

  9. Use a spray pump filled with your moisturiser of choice and lightly mist in between the cornrows. If your hair extensions are human hair, then lightly mist them too.

Washing crochet braids, completed!

If you're interest is piqued about clip in hair extensions then check the Hair Extensions Q&A section for more info or keep up with the next guide about clip hair extensions, hairpieces, wigs and weave hair by joining our blog.

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