Outlet Wigs Guide

Hmm... just what exactly are outlet wigs?

This handy outlet wigs guide will explain it in-depth but the short answer is that outlet wigs that have general descriptions in their listings, sometimes have off spec features and are generally lower in price than stockroom items.

If you wanted more info about outlet wigs (which are different from our discount wigs), then read the Q&A below for everything you need to know.

Outlet items have:

General specifications and descriptions in the listings
Possible off-specification features
Stock images to give the general look of the item
Lower prices than stockroom wigs
Free delivery (usually signed for)
Delivery times of 5-21 days for real hair (human hair) and real and synthetic blend wigs

Whoa! Wait, before you think “21 days!! That’s way too long!” Just remember that these are the longest delivery times to cover production times and transporting times – the delivery times are frequently much shorter than this. It’s better to expect a longer delivery time and then get the surprise of a shorter one than the other way around! 

The approximate delivery times are shown on the listing page for each item. 

If you want a shorter delivery time, then check out the regular stockroom wigs on this site, where delivery is within a week. 

Outlet Wigs Guide...Q&A

Why are Outlet wigs more affordable?
It takes a significant amount of time (labour resource) to take individual photographs or write detailed listing descriptions for each and every individual wig.

The reduction in time and labour means a reduction in price which is why they’re more affordable.

Are outlet wigs real hair (human hair) or synthetic or a blend of both?
Outlet wigs come as real hair (human hair), synthetic hair (check the listing for details about heat resistance) or real-synthetic blend (a blend of human hair and heat resistant synthetic hair)

Each type of hair has its own section and each listing always outlines which type of hair is used; so if a description says real hair (human hair) then that’s what you’ll receive.

What’s the difference between general and specific descriptions?
General descriptions say things like “dark brown”
Specific descriptions would give the colour a number or name, such as; "colour #3" or "brownish black".

Below is an example of a general description and a detailed description for the same wig.

General Description 

Wavy, long, dark brown lace front wig
real hair

Specific Description 

Body wave, 50 cm (18 inches) colour 3, 13x4 lace front wig with French lace and real hair

What does off-specification mean for outlet items?
Off specification means slightly irregular features which are not mentioned in the listing. These slight irregularities can include features like:

Tapering or slightly uneven lengths instead of an even length.

Wave or curl patterns that are slightly looser or tighter than the image.

Wave or curl patterns that soften after washing – to be fair most curl patterns soften with wear over time and it’s a good idea not to use straighteners on wavy or curly textures in order to reduce this softening.

Straight textures that become slightly wavy after washing – this happens because a lot of natural hair isn’t completely naturally straight.

More or fewer highlights than the image displayed (it’s unusual for there to be more highlights but it sometimes happens).

Ombre colours might start at a longer or shorter length than the one shown in the image.

T-colours might start at a lower point than the one shown in the image.

A different number of clips or combs in the cap than indicated in the image displayed.

These slight differences are quite common in real hair (human hair) wigs, weaves and extensions as synthetic hair items are more standardized when manufactured.

Do outlet wigs look identical to the images displayed in the listing?

Outlet wigs look very similar to the image displayed in terms of colour and texture, but not necessarily identical. Sometimes they can be identical and sometimes not. 

The bottom line is if the description says “long, body-wavy, brown wig”, then that’s basically what you’ll get.

The listings outline that a stock image of the item is used; the image shows the basic colour and texture of wig.

Are outlet wigs returnable?
The same rules apply for returning stockroom wigs apply to outlet wigs, you can read the Returns Policy here but basically there’s a 14 day return period to a UK address.

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There you have it; the outlet wigs guide, outlined and wrapped up.

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