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Hmm... What About Us...?

Initially, I was flummoxed about what to say for the "About Us" page.

It seemed that the best way for you (lovely visitors) to know "about us", was to tell you why I chose to create a site about Perukes.

Pe•ruke (per - rooke) n. A wig, especially one worn by men in the 17th and 18th centuries; a periwig.

[French perruque, from Old French, head of hair, from Old Italian perrucca.]

Let’s face it, there is a lot wrapped up in our hair, whether we admit it or not.

For many it can be a sign of youth and vitality, for others, it’s often a symbol of beauty and for everyone, it's a part of our physical identity.

Features aside, our hair is one of the most striking attributes of our character; people notice our hair and that’s fine; but if you are struggling with hair loss through alopecia or treatment for illnesses; if you’ve simply used the wrong colorants or relaxers and your hair has fallen out; if you've used heat styling tools excessively or incorrectly and damaged your hair; if you have a hair texture that that seems like it won't grow quickly, is always prone to always breaking and forever dry or fragile, then it can be really hard to feel that you look your best (or even just OK) when you know that your hair doesn’t.

This site isn’t about celebrities, flashy graphics and the hard sell, it’s just about information on the different options available for wearing your hair, whether you’ve grown it or bought it

It's more about providing products, articles, guides and how-to tutorials so you have as much information as you need to help you find the right products or methods for your hair-wear and hair care.

A good hair product won't change your life, because life is about more than hair; but a good hair product will change how you feel about how you look which will elevate your confidence; and when it comes to life, one of the most important characteristics we have is confidence.

Our confidence tells us whether we think we’re capable of trying things; be it making friends, applying for a job, participating in activities and standing up for ourselves and others.

Getting the right hair product or hair care method may be just one of the steps to being confident in your appearance or at the very least, feeling less self-conscious about it.

I (Charley - the founder of TCPG) am female and experienced periodic bouts of alopecia as a child through to adulthood. I have curly hair which used to be difficult to manage, and even more difficult to retain length, but have finally learned what my hair needs to be healthy and have developed a regimen that's stopped my hair breakage and enabled my hair to be its healthiest and longest.

OK, back to the site; content is being added and updated on an ongoing basis (you'd be surprised just how quickly the world of perukes moves!).
The store is being developed and updated as the site grows (new product lines, better product images and working with suppliers to improve and ensure quality standards and broaden product ranges so that our products are accessible for all budgets.

So go on, get searching and researching, bookmark us or even better join our blog, that way you’ll be the first to know about all the new pages and of course, you'll be able contact us with any feedback we’d love to hear about your hair!

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