Wholesale Lace Wigs
(full lace wigs, lace front wigs and lace frontals)

Wholesale lace wigs isn't just about finding  lace wig suppliers or manufacturers (who make the wigs); buying on a wholesale basis involves costs which can either be fixed or variable and minimum order quantities.

Some lace wig suppliers or manufacturers have wholesale programmes that you apply to join and here is where we get down to what you may encounter on your lace wig business journey.

Wholesale Lace Wigs... Programmes

There are different types of programmes or schemes out there that invite you to "join".

The main word of caution here is to think carefully about joining a wholesale programme where the terms specify that you cannot buy from anyone else whilst you're buying from them.
(Caveat - if you are buying a branded product on a wholesale basis, you will legally be precluded from buying imitations of that brand or any products that breach intellectual property laws.)

Obviously if you're 100% certain that there is only one lace wig supplier with whom you wish to work, then agreeing to such terms will be par for the course.

Laissez Faire Wholesale Lace Wig Programmes

There are wholesale programmes where the rules are very relaxed; there are no accounts to set up, or verification of your business (and sometimes no verification of theirs), no minimum order quantities, instead you order what you need when you need it.

These types of programmes don't usually require you to verify your business details and although not an absolute rule, we've found that wholesalers that don't require this information typically say that the minimum order quantity is 3-5 pieces per order.

This is fine, but goes back to the guide about wholesale quantities; 3-5 wigs per order isn't really a large enough quantity to be considered wholesale, so the price your quoted is more likely to be a discounted retail price instead of a wholesale price.

Drop Ship Wholesale Lace Wig Programmes

There are also Wholesale programmes where manufactures will essentially drop-ship your items to anywhere in the world - they often agree to put your business logo on the tags or packaging.

This can work fine but sometimes can cause issues with customs laws which oblige the sender (the wholesale wig company) to provide contact information on the shipping label; this means that without necessarily intending to do so, their (wholesale wig company) details can appear on items delivered to your country.

Regulated Wholesale Lace Wig Programmes

There are programmes that require you to provide your business details and this should be expected as the wholesalers want to wholesale to retailers they don't particularly want to wholesale to retail customers: this protects them, you, and the industry at large.

It means that they can verify your business as you will be their customer and it should mean that you also get a more accurately calculated wholesale price and not a slightly discounted retail price.

Other wholesalers are specific about what type of wigs you can buy - for example we know of one "wholesaler" who stipulates that orders must include straight, wavy and curly textures in equal quantities and that shorter lengths like 10 or 12 inches must also be included.

Well, needless to say this is a just a tad too prescriptive as your business is based on a demand which comes from your customers - you can't make your customers want  a 10" curly wig if what they actually want is a 26" silky straight wig(!).

Wholesale Lace Wigs... Custom Lace Wigs

This is where it gets a little nebulous: the manufacturers set the prices for customised lace wigs and the prices depend on the types of customisation.

However, if you decided that all the customers that come into your salon really, really want pink bobs each and every month - then you can work out a wholesale price with your lace wig supplier for this because they know that each month "Tina" from "Wigster" orders 50 pink lace front wig bobs.

What you should expect - Summary

  • Expect costs to be fairly stable unless you buy small quantities and infrequently from your lace wig supplier

  • Expect minimum order quantity criteria

  • Expect to be asked to provide your business details

  • Expect to pay for samples

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