Wholesale Lace Front Wigs

Here at Peruke, we’ve noticed quite a few queries about wholesale lace front wigs and although we no longer offer a wholesale programme, we thought it might be useful to put together a basic guide for anyone interested in purchasing lace wigs on a wholesale basis.

You may already be buying lace front wigs on a wholesale basis but have a few queries as to whether minimum buying quantities are standard or whether exclusivity clauses are common practice - whatever your situation, we've divided the guide into wholesale quantities, wholesale costs, wholesale programmes and what you should expect.

Wholesale Lace Front Wigs... Quantities

If you're serious about setting up a business, whether from your salon or online market sites, then the important thing to remember is that lace wigs (including lace front wigs, full lace wigs and lace frontals) are sold on a wholesale basis should really be in large quantities - "hmmm.... just what does 'large' mean?" Good question, from the enquiries we, get it's about 30 or more per order. This is mainly because smaller quantities have a tendency to be sold by lace wig suppliers at a slightly lower price than the retail price

In order to attract the lower (or lowest) wholesale price, the quantities have to be greater.

Minimum order quantities are often specified if you decide to join what is now commonly termed as wholesale lace front wig programmes, these quantity criteria can be beneficial for you but could also lack the flexibility you seek as some wholesale programmes specify the type and style of lace front wig you are required to buy in order to stay in the programme and you can find out more at the link above. 

Just so we've covered all bases - the quantity practices vary from industry to industry: if you were buying luxury yachts on a wholesale basis, fewer than ten would most likely be fine as the cost of manufacturing a luxury yacht is significantly higher than the cost of manufacturing a lace wig.

Wholesale Lace Front Wigs... Cost

The wholesale cost of lace front wigs changes

This is for a variety of reasons, but you'll find that if you regularly order wholesale quantities of lace wigs (lace front wigs, full lace wigs or lace frontals) from a specific manufacturer or lace wigs supplier, the cost of this can be quite stable and change due to other economic factors (price of fuel, scarcity of hair type and so on).

It's always good to find out if there is a sliding scale of price, which means finding out what the cost of the items are if you increase the quantity. This might seem a little odd, but it's common practice in the wholesale market in general - that isn't to say that all wholesalers operate in this way; just that it shouldn't come as a surprise if you encounter a lace wig supplier that does this.

Other wholesalers prefer to work on one of two ways

The purchase of a fixed number of lace front wigs at specified intervals; this would mean that in order to remain as part of the programme, you have to purchase a specified number of lace wigs at specified intervals (for example, 300 lace wigs each month or a thousand lace wigs each quarter).

The second way is a fixed order value per specified interval: this means that you would have to spend a certain amount in the specified period (for example $1,200 per month or $5,000 each quarter).

Please note: These figures are given for illustrative purposes only - they are not based on actual wholesale lace front wig prices and there are other methods used by wholesalers of lace front wigs.

The reason seems to be that this helps the wholesaler with financial forecasting and production. However this also means that wholesalers can be selective with the types of business that they supply - believe it or not, even though there are number of manufacturers that will retail as well wholesale, the majority of manufacturers prefer not to retail as it's more labour intensive (many customers seeking modifications to standard lace front wig textures and colours).

As each transaction incurs a cost to process as well as shipping costs (even if the shipping cost is free to you as the buyer - it still costs the wholesaler) it's more economical to send 300 lace front wigs to a single business than to send 150 separate individuals two lace front wigs each.

So that covers wholesale lace front wigs in terms of costs and quantities and if you're curious about reduced price wigs then there's an article about why this site thinks discount wigs are important for all wearers.

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