What You Get With Discount Wigs
(Traditional Cap Wigs and Lace Wigs)

Here at TCPG there is a small selection of discount wigs and, much like dry weather in Britain, the selection is only ever available for a very short period of time before it disappears without a hint of when it will return.

Discount Wigs

From time to time there is a small selection of wigs in the discount section - these are separate from any clearance, sale or promotion items and once they're gone, they're gone.

Click the image to check for availability of discount stock.

Don't forget to read the guide below to find out what you get with discount wigs here at The Complete Peruke Guide.

Are our discount wigs, refurbished (second-hand) 

Discount lace front wigDiscount lace front wig

No, we don't offer refurbished wigs.

There are retailers that offer "refurbished" wigs (which usually means used wigs that have been reconditioned, repaired or revamped), but we don't offer that service.

There's nothing wrong with refurbished wigs, but we don't have the resources to be able to scrutinize, catalogue and repair wigs.

Our discounted items are completely new items.

Our discounted items have never been owned and used by members of the public...
...(unless you consider mannequins as members of the public... tee hee).

What types of wigs are found in the discount wig

Discount full lace wigDiscount full lace wig

Our discounted lace front wigs, full lace wigs, traditional cap wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces, usually fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Items formerly used for display purposes - such as our product catalogue, website or both.

  2. Items with minor flaws - like uneven lengths, uneven dye pattern, inconsistent curl patterns, over processed hair and so on.

  3. Items used as test pieces (for dyes, styles or cuts - or a combination of these).

  4. Sample items - these include custom colours, cap sizes and cap constructions

How can you tell if it's a discounted item?

Discount traditional cap wigDiscount Traditional Wig

All of our discounted items are only listed in our discount section and all have a section entitled Summary of Quirky (Imperfect) Features which details the reasons for the discount price.

Where possible, we always include images which show the item's quirks so that you can decide if the not-complete-perfect-product is right for you.

That just about covers the nature and reason for our discount items.

Overall, we decided that Peruke would be different, a place to learn and a place to buy at an affordable price.

So peruse our stores and see the great products and pick what suits from our discount wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces.

There's more information in the Lace (front and full) Wig Q&A section or if you'd like to keep up to date with the next guide about hair weave, hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces then join our blog – no personal info required.

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