Should I Choose Human Hair Wigs?
(and other wig questions)

"Should I choose human hair wigs?"

Deciding on human hair wigs instead of synthetic hair wigs is almost as important as the style, colour and design of wig.

So to help you decide, we’ve put together an article to help you choose the version of Peruke that’s right for you. Our Store has plenty of options for you.

"What is the Difference Between a Human Hairpiece and a Synthetic Wig?"

Well, the short and sweet answer is that with human hairpieces, someone else has taken the time to do the work for you! OK, OK, what we mean is that the hair has come from someone else; whereas synthetic hair is made of man made fibres. So either way people are involved at some stage in the wig making process!

Human Hair Wigs

"Are hair extensions and hairpieces made from human hair?"

Yes and no. Some are made from synthetic hair and others are made from human hair - always check the listing if you're looking for human hair perukes.

Human hair perukes are made from hair sometimes called Remy or Non-Remy human hair that individuals sell to wig manufacturers. The manufacturers then clean the hair and often will chemically treat the hair (to obtain different textures) colour the hair and cut the hair before making a wig.

Those in favour of human hairpieces often cite the fact that the colours can appear to be more natural, but then if you’re after a funky party wig, neon green is hardly natural!

You can also take these wigs and have them cut and styled at a salon, or if you’re a bit of a skin flint like some of the team here, you can cut and style them yourself! This all adds to what most people are after when they buy a wig; the appearance of the wig being the actual hair of the person wearing it.

Are All Human Hair Wigs Made From 100% Remy Hair?

The short answer to that question is to no. Some are made with 100% remy hair, and some is made with non-remy hair.

Non-remy hair wigs are widely available and if you haven't read any of our guides about remy lace wigs then here's a summary of the difference between remy hair and non-remy hair

Remy Human Hair Wigs

All strands have cuticles which point in the same direction - this means remy hair tangles in the same way that natural growth hair normally tangles.

It doesn't mean that remy lace wigs will never tangle - all hair tangles, that's a fact of life. If normal growth hair didn't tangle why would there be detangling combs and detangling brushes for growth hair?

Non-remy Human Hair Wigs

Hair strands point up and down – or strands don't have cuticles - this means non-remy hair has the potential to tangle more than natural growth hair normally tangles.

It also doesn't mean that non-remy lace wigs will always end up severely tangled - as this depends on the type of non-remy hair; if it doesn't have cuticles then they can't catch on each other and cause tangling.

Another benefit of human hair Perukes are that when cared for properly they can be extremely durable and last for up to a year, so not a bad investment!

“So, what are the cons?” We hear you ask. Well, there aren’t really any downsides but it’s worth noting that human hairpieces require more care than synthetic wigs.

However, for those who have lost their hair, the chance to be able to enjoy washing and restyling hair may be just what they need.

In fact, getting to style your hair even though it’s in wig form can add to lessening the feeling of being different to others simply because you wear a wig, which is why often on this site you’ll see we refer to wigs as “your hair”; well, to whom else does it belong but you!

So there you have it, wigs made with human hair, explained in a nutshell.

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