Can I Dye My Lace Front Wig?
(and other lace (front and full) wig dye questions)

There are a lot of questions like "Can I dye my lace front wig?", or "Can I chemically straighten my lace wig?", or “Can I heat straighten my curly lace front wig?"; and so we’ve taken those dye-themed questions and put them, along with their respective answers in this article (oh and just in case you’re wondering, this is about human hair lace wigs not synthetic lace wigs).

"Can I dye my lace front wig?"

The short answer is that it depends on the condition of the hair and so to simplify things we’ll look at different scenarios.

Can you dye remy lace wigs?
Remy lace front wigs (and remy lace wigs, monofilament wigs, hair extensions) can be dyed but there’s a sciemathetics equation involved.

Here's the mathience:

If we say that the current hair colour (chc) is dark (d) or very dark (vd) and the dyed colour goal (dcg) is light (l) or very light (vl) then we can say that the number of dye applications (da) will be many (m) or very many (vm).

Dye my lace front wig: dark brown with blonde highlightsYaki-straight bob, dark brown with blonde highlights

This can be expressed in the short or longer forms as follows:
Dark to Light
d+l = mda
(chc=d + dcg=l = mda)

Very Dark to Very Light
vd+vl = vmda
(chcvd + dcgvl = vmda)

In plain English it’s expressed as follows:
The darker the current hair colour of your lace wig and the lighter the colour you wish to dye it, then multiple applications may be required to reach the new lighter colour.

OK, OK, there's no such thing as "mathience" or "sciemathetics" and those equations (although completely accurate) are completely made up; but the above answer is true and real.

Always perform a strand test; this way you’ll know whether the hair will take the colour in the way you expect instead of dyeing the wig and hoping for the best and ending up with orange coloured hair.

As with all hair dyeing, it's always more predictable to go darker rather than lighter.

The process for dyeing lace wigs is the same as for dyeing hair weave extensions so you can check out the hair weaving dyeing guide here to find out how to dye your lace front wig.

"Can you dye non-remy lace wigs?"

If it’s the type of non-remy hair that doesn’t have cuticles then it shouldn’t be dyed as the hair has already been chemically treated to remove the cuticle layer which weakens the structure of the hair.

The hair may not take the colour very well or consistently, or worse still can end up being damaged by the chemical process of dyeing.

"Can my lace front wig be dyed if it’s kinky curly in texture?"

The general consensus is that it's not ideal to dye lace wigs where the hair has already undergone a chemical process to produce texture; however it doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't, but rather that you're aware of the risks.

Dye my lace front wig - kinky curlyDyed Lace Wig - Brown

There’s a very high probability that the texture and colour of your lace wig was achieved through chemically processing the hair to create waves, curls, straight textures and colours (even dark browns and black).

Whenever human hair is subjected to chemical processes like this, the internal structure of the hair is altered – it has to be in order for the process to work; but it’s also weakened.

This means that further exposure to the strong chemicals in dyes causes the structure to weaken further, which can (not that it definitely will) damage the cuticle and cortex layers of the hair further, making the hair dry, brittle and prone to split ends, breaking or tangling.

"Should I condition my lace front wig after dyeing it?"

Lace wigs should be washed after dyeing and then sprayed with a leave-in conditioner to help repair and strengthen the hair. It's also a good idea to use a hair oil to help seal moisture as dyeing hair dehydrates it.

"My lace front wig is dyed; can I use a clarifying shampoo?"

This question is actually from another Q&A page about the different washing scenarios for washing lace wigs, but in brief the answer is use them infrequently. Clarifying shampoos contain more cleaning agents (surfactants) than ordinary shampoos and so frequent use can cause dyed to fade more quickly.

That's the dash through dyeing lace wigs done & dusted!

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