Which Coloured Hair Extensions
Suit Different Skin Tones?

"Which Coloured Hair Extensions Suit Different Skin Tones?"

Finding the right coloured hair extensions can be difficult if you’re not sure about which colours would complement your skin tone. 

As there are quite a few folks who simply want to know which colours would suit them more than other colours – we thought we’d outline some tips in the hope that it would encourage you to have confidence in your hair colour choices.

Here at Peruke, we believe in a laissez faire approach to choosing the colour of your hair, whether you’ve grown it or bought it - folks should ultimately choose colours they feel confident and comfortable wearing.

The great thing about hair extensions is that they’re not permanent; if something doesn’t work, you can remove it and move on and this means you get to experiment.

We mentioned before that colour charts for hair are a bit like dress sizes – they vary from store to store and that there are broadly two types of colour coding for hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces.

The skin tone chart is from http://www.vapourbeauty.com and given that they do airbrush make-up it’s quite detailed and it will appear in each article along with a number of charts with different colours for hair extensions.

skin tone chart by vapour beautyKnowing your skin tone will help you choose complementary hair extension colours

Below is a brief canter through complementary colours for hair extensions for the three broad groups of skin tones. Click the links for detailed outlines and hair colour charts.

Darker Skin Tones

Black is super easy to wear. Browns –  dark chocolate through to chestnut browns. Blondes – warm honeys and caramels add warmth to the skin complexion. Reds – deep and rich plums, auburns, burgundy, copper reds with hints of chocolate.
Check the hair extension colour guide for darker skin tones.

Medium Skin Tones

Black is super easy to wear; Browns – chestnut browns through dark chocolate; Blondes – golden brown mixed with golden blonde; warm honey blondes. Reds - deep and rich plums (with or without hints of chocolate); auburns and burgundy; copper reds with hints of chocolate.
Check the hair extension colour guide for medium skin tones.

Lighter Skin Tones

Off black can be worn (it can make very pale skin appear paler). Browns – warm coffee browns through to lighter café latte browns with multi-tonal qualities so the colour is not flat. Blondes – golden blondes, honey blondes, warm sandy beach blonde, light blondes (not so light they make the skin seem washed out) – keep warmth in the blonde.
Check the hair extension colour guide for lighter skin tones.

If you’d like more tips, about hair extensions, take a looksee at our Hair Extensions Q&A section or you can keep up with the next guide or article about hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs by joining our blog.

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