How Can I Stop My Lace Front Wig
Becoming Wavy When Washed
(and other lace (front and full) wig hair questions)

There are a lot of questions like "Should I wash my lace front wig with..?", or "How do I chemically straighten my lace wig?" and so we've taken the bold move of attempting to provide some much needed responses to these burning questions... (Oh and just in case you’re wondering, this is about human hair lace wigs not synthetic lace wigs).

"What can I use to stop my lace front wig becoming wavy when washed?"

In another article about the differences between natural straight hair and silky straight hair, we mentioned that there is hair that is naturally bone straight (and therefore labelled silky straight) and then there's hair that is naturally slightly wavy (even though it's basically straight) and that this can sometimes only become known when the hair is washed for the first time.

If this is the case it means that slight natural wave hasn't been subject to being chemically straightened which means that the waves can't be prevented, so the only options are to either wear it with the waves or straighten the hair after washing the lace wig.

If you go the straightening route, thermal protectants should be used to reduce the damage caused by heat styling and hair oils or serums can be used to smooth any frizz.

"What should I do if the hair on my lace front wig won't curl properly?"

In another article about difficulties curling human hair we said that that the quirk with human hair is that it's human hair; not a person-made product but a person-created product.

There are a couple of options which basically include using a setting lotion or using heated rollers instead of curling wands (frequent heat styling damages human hair, whether on a wig or straight out of a scalp).

If the curls always drop out of the hair leaving soft waves, then wear the waves - yes it's a bit of a half-way house but the best thing to do is make the most out of the hair you've bought much in the same way you'd make the most out of the hair you've grown.

"My lace front wig is kinky curly but I heat straighten it about once a week and now the curls are losing curliness, what should I do to get the curls back?"

The short answer is that there's nothing that can be done to regain the lost curlier texture, although you could try using a curl activator to help restore the curliness each time you wash the kinky curly lace front wig.

The vast majority of curly human hair wigs have been chemically processed to create texture (and often colour) and whenever human hair is subjected to chemical processes like perming, the internal structure of the hair is altered – it has to be in order for the perming process to work; but the structure is also weakened.

Frequent heat straightening of curly hair wigs inevitably loosens the curls as the curly hair was originally naturally straight.

In order to prevent further loosening of curls it's better to stop using heat to straighten the hair otherwise there's a risk that the hair will become more fragile and dry.

It's also better to limit when the hair is combed and there's a guide to maintaining kinky curly lace wigs that outlines the best way to preserve the curly hair texture.

In short, use an SLS and SLeS free shampoo and using a conditioner will help repair and strengthen the hair and using a hair oil will help smooth out any frizz caused by excessive heat styling (as well as sealing moisture into the hair).

"How often should I heat straighten my lace front wig?"

As well as a general lace wig care guide we've also put together a curly lace wig care guide which is solely dedicated to curly textured lace wigs.

Ideally once a month is plenty as frequent heat straighten can ultimately distort and damage the curl pattern of your lovely lace wig.

Our stance has always been that if you like to switch between straight and curly then it's best to buy two lace wigs (one straight and one curly) as that way the hair can be kept in good condition which means that it will last longer.

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