Can I Buy Lace Front Wigs in UK Shops?
(and other UK based lace wig questions)

"Can I buy lace front wigs in UK shops or are they only available online?"

A number of UK based folks ask whether they "can buy lace front wigs in UK shops or only online?" and as it's not clear whether they want to know whether they should buy lace front wigs from shops (hard good stores) or whether shops actually sell lace front wigs; so we'll answer both.

Firstly we'd be a bit remiss if we failed to mention that you can buy full lace wigs and lace front wigs right here at our online shop...hooray! But you can also buy lace front wigs in UK based hair and beauty supply shops where the range of lace front wigs tends to be limited and a custom service isn't available. These shops in the UK and particularly in London have a tendency to be run by men, who offer a swift service but not necessarily the expertise a shopper might like. This isn't a generalisation - quite a few disappointed customers have actually taken to blogs and social media to vent about the lack of knowledge about wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions and hair products (relaxers, moisturisers and so on).

The best lace front wig UK shops are those that have a helpful and informative website that matches their hard goods store is a good example of this (although they don't sell wigs of any kind, the website is as good as the high street shop)  

Wherever you buy your lace front wigs it's always good to know that you can get advice about managing the hair in terms of styling and washing. So if you find a high street shop that does this, then you've found the chalice of champions! 

"I bought lace front wigs from a UK based auction website with free shipping from a lace front wig seller based in the UK, but it came from India and I got charged customs duty - is this normal?"

Oh dear, we've heard about this; there are some sellers on auction sites who basically take your order, import the lace front wigs from their lace wigs supplier directly to your doorstep. This means that if there are any customs charges or taxes, you as the named and addressed recipient will have to pay them in order to receive the goods. so the import charges are correct, but the fact that the lace front wigs came directly to you from India is... well... let's say less than ideal.

PayPal and auction sites are usually on the side of consumers in this regard so they may be able to get the lace front wig UK seller to refund you the import charges if the charges weren't part of the listing.

For some customers this arrangement works; for others, not so much. This is because if you want to return the lace front wig to the UK seller, they sometimes wait until they've shipped the item back to the country of origin and received a refund before they will refund you.

Our business is based in the UK and we distribute from the UK - so if you buy from us and are based in the UK, you won't be faced with import charges.

"I'm in the UK and want to buy lace front wigs; will I face import charges if I buy lace front wigs from overseas?"

It really depends on where overseas - the EU (European Union) has different rules which can be found at (this isn't a hyperlink, just past it into a new browser window) and anything from outside the EU will be charged import duty and or tax.

"Are Remy hair lace wigs in UK shops and websites the same as those from the US?"

They are indeed. Indian Remy full lace wigs are the same wherever they're purchased - the origin of the hair is Indian and quality of the hair is Remy and we had a few questions about the types of Remy hair lace wigs.

"Are the prices of lace front wigs in UK shops cheaper than shops abroad?"

That's a toughie because the human hair wig market is not regulated, there isn't an international human hair wig and extensions chamber of commerce. It really depends on the retailer - some retailers are more expensive and others more affordable. The best advice we could offer is to shop around and compare prices on a like-for-like basis - the one advantage of buying lace front wigs from UK retailers (like us!!) is that if you're based here, you won't have to pay any import charges so it's important to factor that cost in the total cost of a lace front wig from overseas. 

If you have a question or comment about lace wigs, hair extensions or hairpieces, then drop us a line.

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