What Are Full Lace Wigs With Baby Hair?

"What are full lace wigs with baby hair?"

Full lace wigs with baby hair basically means that the lace wig comes with shorter strands around the perimeter (or edges) of the hairline.

Full lace wig with baby hairFull lace wig with baby hair

Now we've seen enough to know that not every single person with hair on their head has baby hairs (and for some, the fine shorter hairs are not necessarily noticeable) but everybody with hair on their head has a hairline.

"What are the baby hairs used for?"

A significant number of people have slightly thinner hairs at the edge of their hairline (think Chilli of TLC or FKA Twigs) and the lace wigs with baby hairs basically replicate this.

Lace wigs with baby hair also have another benefit; they allow wearers to disguise the laces, especially if they're wearing a lace wig that doesn't require glue (a glueless lace wig).

Sometimes the lace colour might not match the skin tone or wearers feel that the hairline seems too neat and the baby hairs on a lace wig can help with blending the hairline.

"What other textures of full lace wigs come with baby hair?"

All textures of lace wigs come with baby hairs not just yaki straight and kinky straight.

Lace Front Wig - Silky Straight with Baby HairLace Front Wig - Silky Straight

The image of the strawberry blonde lace wig is a silky straight (human hair) lace front wig and as you can see, it has baby hairs aplenty.

"Are the baby hairs single knots or double knots?"

The baby hairs are usually single knots as most lace wigs have single knots at the front hair line in order to make them smaller.

"Are full lace wigs baby hair bleached knots?"

If the lace wig comes with bleached knots at the front hairline then the baby hairs will also be bleached.

"Can you cut the baby hairs?"

Synthetic lace front wig with baby hairSynthetic lace front wig with baby hair

It's hair so it can of course be cut, but the thing to remember is that because it's hair it's better to use texturizing shears so as to create a soft end to the hair.

"Do Synthetic lace wigs come with baby hair?"

Synthetic lace front wig (bob cut) without baby hairSynthetic lace front wig (bob cut) without baby hair

In our experience, sometimes synthetic lace front wigs come with baby hairs and sometimes they don't; and this is usually down to the style of the synthetic lace wig.

If the style was a fixed style like a bob or cropped hair cut then there wouldn't be baby hairs. On the other hands if the style was simply yaki straight or loose curls or body wave then there would be baby hairs.

We can't speak for other retailers, but this is how it is for us.

You can see two synthetic lace front wigs that we've previously sold, the bob lace wigs never came with baby hairs whereas the longer length loose curl wig did.

That's the bounce through lace front wigs and full lace wigs with baby hair.

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