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Choosing The Lace

When choosing to buy lace front human hair wigs you’ll have noticed that we mention the lace colour. But what does that mean? Well read on to find out about the types of lace and how to choose the right colour for your complexion.

The Different Types Of Lace

There are two types of lace commonly used, Swiss lace and French Lace. You’ll have seen from our lace type page that Swiss is the more undetectable of the two and slightly more fragile due to being thinner but none the less durable.

You’ll have also seen that French is very slightly thicker and is slightly more durable – either lace type is fine for those new to lace wigs.

We know everyone’s different we offer both types of lace for our lace wigs here at Peruke (although we sell more Swiss and so have greater stock levels than French lace), the choice is ultimately down to you as the wearer which you’d prefer – but rest assured that both types of wigs are just as undetectable at the hairline.

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs… Choosing Your Lace Colour

There are two skin tone and lace wig colour choices to make with lace wigs:
The first is often hair colours that complement skin tones.
The second is lace colours that match skin (scalp) tone.

It's logical to think that you should choose the lace that’s most similar to your complexion but in fact the best colour to choose is one that is lighter than your complexion.

Hmm… Lighter…Why?” Well it’s down to the fact that a hairpiece is for your head and your scalp is lighter than the rest of your complexion.

So you’re not trying to match the skin colour on your face you’re trying to replicate a realistic scalp colour for your head. The key camouflage not colour matching.

So to choose the right lace color is often about choosing the colour that will look like your natural scalp.

The light and medium brown coloured lace pretty much covers all complexions from light to dark. It you have the complexion of say Alek Wek then it would ideal to go for a dark coloured lace.

The image shows just how subtle the differences can be with the lace partially folded so you can see its colour.

lace wig cap colour matching

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs… Which Colour Should You Choose?

We’ll use the make-up chart below as an indicator with the caveat that it’s just a guide and not a mandate… ahem(!):

Skin tones that resemble the fair and medium foundations below suit transparent to light brown lace colours.

Skin tones that resemble the medium tan foundation colours below suit light brown and medium brown lace

Skin tones that resemble the dark foundation colours below suit medium brown lace (but it’s not uncommon to find people with this skin tone using light brown lace – as the hint of brown is al that’s required for an authentic looking scalp)

Skin tones darker than the foundations below may wish to choose a darker coloured lace (although medium brown is still an option).

All skin tones suit transparent lace, it’s just worth noting that if you have dark coloured growth hair, you may want to use a wig liner to mute the colour of the hair.

lace wig colour matching

Note: Silk top (4"x4" silk base) lace wigs are concerned with hidden knots and not lace colour.

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs… What If You Choose The Wrong Colour Lace?

That’s easy, a wig liner cap will sort that out. If you feel the lace is too dark, then get a light cap. If you think it’s too light then get a darker cap (or use tea to darken the lace). If you have a parting on your lace wig, you can also use your concealer on the parting. In fact a lot of wig wearers wear wig liner caps even if they don’t have lace wigs, it all comes down to preference.

The most important thing to remember is that you’ll cut the lace back within millimetres of the hairline and the lace is so fine it will be undetectable. So it’s hard to get the lace colour wrong.

So there you have it, lace colours for lace front human hair wigs (and synthetic hair wigs for that matter!) explained in a nutshell.

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