What Are The Best Lace Wigs
Square Faces?
(and other lace wig length, texture and style questions)

"What are the best lace wigs for square faces?"

The best lace wigs for square faces are similar to those for round faces.

You might not believe it but there are lots of questions that start with "what's the best lace wig for..." and end with all sorts of things like: active women; oblong shaped faces; partially haired women; people with no hair; large heads; round shaped faces; women in their 40s; chemically straightening; oval shaped faces; growing hair; resting hair; dry scalps; heart shaped faces and the list goes on.

Everyone wants to be confident that their chosen hairstyle (natural growth or added lengths) will complement their appearance and way of life and the best way to address the best type of lace wig question (see what we did there? Wordplay - Teehee!) is to treat that question like an award ceremony; so next on our Wigs By Face Shape category is....

Best Lace Wigs for Square Faces...and the nominees are:

Long Bobs, Sloping Bobs and Asymmetrical Bobs

Gone are the days of bobs ending at the ears; it's new day and the new(ish) kids on the block are sloping bobs, long bobs and asymmetrical bobs. These bobs soften the jawline of square faces.

Sloping bob lace front wigSloping bob lace front wig

If you're feeling brave then you add waves or highlights at the crown.
The lace wig textures that are best for these looks are straight textures (yaki and kinky straight included) as well as the body wave texture.

Best Lace Wigs for Square Faces... Longer Lengths

Lengths Below The Chin
An obvious place to start, but if you don't have any fixed style that you're aiming for then choosing a hair length that falls below chin level will soften jaw lines and the appearance of square[er] faces. The hair would be worn down so that it frames the face at the cheeks but doesn't hug the jaw. Ideally the length should end a couple of inches below the jawline so head for lengths of 14 inches or more when choosing your lace front wig.
The best lace wig textures for this length are straight textures (yaki and kinky straight included) as well as wavy textures including body wave, water wave and deep wave - curly textures may not frame the face or soften the jawline.

Mindy Kaling: layered hair

Layers, Graduated Layers and Asymmetrical Layers
Layering the hair with loose frame facing layers that start below the chin, this way the layers won't cup the jaw but soften it. Feathered fringes (bangs) may be better suited than thick blunt cut fringes (bangs) for a softer overall affect.

Straight hair can be curled to have waves that feather away from the face. If the hair is wavy then the shortest layer can be even with your chin as the softness of the waves will diminish the appearance of the jawline.

Best Lace Wigs for Square Faces... Textures and Partings

Wavy Hair
Following the length guide, wavy hair can also balance the width of a face due to its texture. Unlike very curly hair that will simply sit at either side of the face showing the squarer jawline, wavy hair falls and its waves soften squarer jawlines.
The best textures for wavy lace wigs are body wave, water wave and deep wave textures.

Partings - Centre and Off-Centre
Centre partings will mean that the hair will fall across the temples and frame your face in such a way that it obscures each side of the jaw.
The best lace wig textures for this are straight textures (yaki and kinky straight included) as well as wavy textures including body wave, water wave and deep wave.

Nicole Ritchie: angled fringe

Side and angled fringes (side or angled bangs)
We'd love to meet whoever created the sweeping fringe - it's a great look which helps soften square faces especially if the fringe feathery in its cut.

Wispy side fringes (bangs) or sweeping fringes also soften the shape of the face.

If you're not keen on cutting a fringe (bangs) into your lace wig, just create a side parting and taper the hair that crosses your face to give the appearance of a structured side fringe. This gives the face a sort of scalene triangular shape which naturally detracts from the jawline and is super chic.

If you prefer a straight cut fringe, then angle the fringe down at the sides by about 2cm so they don't mirror the straight width of the jawline.

The best lace wig textures for this are straight textures (yaki and kinky straight included) as well as the body wave texture.

That's the square-dance through best lace wigs for square faces.

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Images from http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/haircuts-square-faces

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