How Do I Care for
Yaki Lace Front Wigs?
(and other Relaxed Afro Hair lace wig questions)

"How do I care for Yaki lace front wigs?"

We've had a quite a few queries about how to care for Yaki lace front wigs from washing techniques to moisturisers to heat styling tools to oils and chemical treatments - although the general term for this texture is "Yaki" the accurate terms should be along the lines of Relaxed or Straightened Afro or Afro Straight hair.

Here are the basic rules for caring for Yaki (straightened Afro) lace wigs:
Use a shampoo that is specifically for treated hair - the ones that say they're for coloured hair, chemically treated hair or dry and damaged hair. This way it will have the ingredients necessary for nourishing the hair and leave it smooth and shiny.

Use an oil for hair such as argan oil, almond oil or the super-duper coconut oil.

Avoid anything with mineral oils as this basically smothers the hair and causes it to become dehydrated. 

Use a thermal protection serum whenever using heat styling tools including hair dryers (oh and don't use hooded dryers as this can shrink the lace on your lovely (Afro straight) Yaki lace front wig) and use them on a low heat setting.

Always detangle hair from the ends first and work your way up to the top (lace cap).

Don't over comb the hair and don’t comb it too much when wet as it can cause shedding of your yummy, (Afro straight) Yaki lace wig.

"What's the best way to wash (straightened Afro) yaki lace front wigs, should I use a polystyrene head?"

You can use a polystyrene head and follow the upright wig washing method.

If you don't have a polystyrene (Styrofoam) head, you can also use your bathroom basin or a large plastic bowl (the kind you might use to soak clothing) and follow these steps:

Step 1
Detangle the hair while it is still dry using your fingers starting at the ends and working towards the lace wig cap. Gently tease out any knots without pulling or tugging at the hair and while the hair is still dry.

Don't detangle the hair when it's wet as this is when human hair is at its weakest.

Step 2
Use a wide tooth comb and start combing at the ends of the hair, working towards the lace wig cap.

Step 3
Add your shampoo a bowl or sink and fill the bowl or sink with cool or lukewarm water.

Step 4
Place the Yaki lace wig into the water and use a patting motion agitate the water so that the shampoo can lift any styling products, oil or dust off of the hair.

Avoid any motions that would cause the strands of hair to point in different directions and tangle (so no swishing the hair round in circles!).

Step 5
Lift the lace wig from the water by taking hold of the cap and use your free hand to squeeze the lace wig from the top and work your way down to the ends.

Never wring or rub the hair as this can damage the cuticles (outer layer of the hair strands).

Step 6
Rinse the lace wig by filling the bowl or sink with clean, cool water and placing the Yaki lace wig into the water; use a patting motion agitate the water to remove the shampoo from the hair.

Repeat this step until all the shampoo is removed from the hair and the lace cap. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb (shower comb) to gently detangle if necessary.

If the hair is not fully clean, then repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until it is.

Step 7
Dry the lace wig by placing it on a clean dry towel and fold the towel over the hair and blot (press down). If using hair oil, apply it to the damp hair.

Place the lace front wig on a wig stand and leave to air dry.

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