What's The Best Lace Wig Adhesive?
(and other lace wig adhesive questions)

"Which is the best lace wig adhesive? I've only used glueless lace front wigs and want to try a full lace wigs but I don't know which lace wig adhesives work best?"

It's not a surprise that a lot of people ask "which is the best lace wig adhesive" especially as there are quite a few on the market and some cost significantly more than others.

It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is not exactly an easy question to answer because what works as a good lace wig adhesive for one person, might not meet the requirements of another person (but more importantly, we’re not an authority on adhesives of any kind).

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your lace wig adhesive.

Allergies or sensitivities to ingredients commonly found in adhesives

If you have allergies or sensitive skin then choose a lace wig adhesive that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is proven to be “skin friendly” such as Ghost Bond XL which has been designed specifically to work with oily skin and high levels of humidity and perspiration.

Preference for liquid adhesives (glue)

If you prefer liquid adhesives then there are a plethora of lace wig adhesives from which to choose. We can't say which one is the best lace wig adhesive, but if you are just starting out with liquid wig adhesives then an adhesive like Invisi-Bond is a great place to start as its hold time is usually between three and five days. It's so easy to use that you can even apply it with your fingers. It's also water resistant, which is always a plus.

Whether you prefer a solid adhesive in the form of tape

If you prefer tape then Lace Front Support Tape (Blue Liner) tape is a great place to start. It is a single use tape (in that once it's been used and your hairpiece has been removed, it cannot be used again). Blue liner tape also has a long hold time (up to four weeks) so if you're used to taking your unit off each day then this might not be ideal.

How long you’d like the bond to last

If you're starting out and would prefer a shorter hold time then Silicone Brush-on adhesive offers great hold for three to seven days (depending on body chemistry or Mity-Tite which provides a hold lasting between - two and ten days; both of these lace wig adhesives are water resistant too. If you want to brave it and go for a longer hold time, then the ever-reliable Ultra Hold lace wig adhesive provides up to six weeks' hold and Endura-Bond gives up to five weeks' hold.

Hopefully there's enough food for thought (or lace wig adhesive for thought) and you can always check out the guide to a few more adhesives to find the best lace wig adhesive for you.

"What's the best lace wig adhesive for someone with oily skin?"

Two adhesives which spring to mind are Ghost Bond XL which is a water based adhesive that was specifically formulated for oily scalps (and skin around the perimeter of the hairline), high humidity and heavy perspiration.

The second and probably more obvious wig adhesive is Oil Resistant White Glue (ORWG) - it does what it says on the bottle and what's more its delightfully easy to use and a little goes a long way.

"Is expensive glue the best lace wig adhesive or are the cheaper lace wig adhesives just as effective?"

As you might have seen from the above question, what constitutes as the best adhesive for lace wigs and other hair attachment systems depends on the individual; nonetheless, the prices of the major brands aren't really a factor in establishing which lace wig adhesive is better than another.

Finding the right lace wig adhesive is a bit like finding the right skin cream, sometimes there's a bit of trial and error to find what works for you. Sometimes you end up with the happy accident of finding that the most affordable product works best, and sometimes you find that it's a higher price product that does the job for you; what matters most, is that if it does the job the way you want it done - then it's priceless.

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