Blue Liner Lace Wig Tape

If you prefer tape to liquid adhesive then Blue Liner lace wig tape is the adhesive by Walker Tape is the one for you.

It has a great hold and is arguably one of the strongest wig tapes on the market. Blue Liner Lace Front Tape is a great choice.

Walker Tape Lace Front Support Tape (Blue Liner lace wig tape) is by far our one of the most  popular wig tapes on the market.

With its dull (no light catching shine for others to notice) finish and an amazing 2-4 week hold, it's no wonder it gets great reviews.

The dull finish makes it perfect for lace front wigs as it reduces the effect of shine sometimes visible at the front edge of the lace. 

If you lead an active life then the last thing you want to do is worry about your wig and with the Walker Tape Blue Liner Lace Front Support Tape, you can get on with your busy day knowing your lace system will stay in place.

Blue Liner Lace Wig Tape Quick Stats

Blue Liner Lace Wig TapeBlue Liner Lace Front Support Tape

Type of Adhesive: Tape

Type of Bond: Soft

Type of Hold: 2 – 4 weeks’ hold

Pieces per bag 24 transparent C contour (slightly curved)

Blue Liner Lace Wig Tape 24 Strips

Use for long term permanent holds between two and fours.

With 24 strips in a bag you’ll be able to carry spares around with you.

Or why not go for the blue liner rolls and you can cut the tape to the lengths you prefer.

Sizes available

24 C Contour pieces per pack transparent (slightly curved for your hairline)



Always follow the basic pre-application rules of using wig tape adhesives:

  1. Perform a skin patch test first

  2. Wash the skin and allow it to dry completely

  3. Cleanse your application area with 99% alcohol

  4. Use a skin protectant such as Scalp Protector on the application area and allow it to dry completely (it should not feel tacky to the touch when completely dry).

The scalp protector will help with strengthening the hold if you have oily skin, or are in a hot or humid environment.

There you have it; if you're looking for a lace wig tape with extended hold, that's water resistant and is low irritations, then why not try Walker Tape, Blue Liner lace wig tape.

For more guides on adhesives or anything else wig and hair extension related, check out the blog for updates - it's super easy to do and doesn't require any personal info!

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