African American Lace Front Wigs -
What Are The Best Textures?

"What are the best textures for African American lace front wigs?"

Folks across the pond (USA) often ask about textures for African American lace front wigs and so we've put together a canter through the top authentic textures that would suit anyone with Afro textured hair as well as African Americans. We like to be inclusive... what can we say?

Best Textures for African American Lace Front Wigs... Afro Curl

This wouldn't be a respectable guide if we failed to start with the one and only Afro textured lace front wig.

This texture is available in all the lengths and all the colours you would expect and further more if you're also into hair weaves or clip in hair extensions you'll be delighted to know that Afro textured hair is available to wear as hair weave extensions and clip in hair extensions too!

Caring for Afro Curl Lace Front Wigs

The basic care regime includes moisturizing to keep the hair soft, using hair oils and washing the wig in a way that protects the curl pattern.

Best Textures for African American Lace Front Wigs... Kinky Curl aka Loose Afro Curl

The loose Afro curl (kinky curl) texture is really popular as it has all the appeal of being in the family of natural Afro hair textures with the joy of great movement - if you move, the curls on your kinky curly lace front wig will move.

The kinky curl (loose Afro curl) is available as kinky curly hair weave extensions, kinky curly micro ring hair extensions and kinky curly clip in hair extensions; so if you ever want to trade your kinky curly lace wig for another type of peruke, there are plenty of options.

Caring for Kinky Curly Lace Front Wigs

Kinky curls can be treated like regular curly but we've put together kinky curly-specific guides showing how to comb, moisturize and style kinky curly lace wigs as well as how to wash and condition a kinky curly lace wig and if that's not enough, you can also check out the guides to how to use hair oils on curly hair textures.

Key factors about Afro curl and kinky curls
The size of curls vary amongst retailers, so check the description and image of the hair and the actual curled length before you buy.

As curly human hair lace wigs have been chemically processed for texture (and usually colour too) it's better to avoid heat straightening as this can weaken the hair and distort the curl pattern.

Best Textures for African American Lace Front Wigs... Yaki Straight aka Relaxed Straight

Another favourite texture which goes by several names and a few variations (light yaki, AA relaxed and coarse yaki) to name but three.

The texture resembles Afro textured hair or very curly hair that has been chemically or heat straightened hair, but without any stiffness - it has great movement and fluidity.

Typically yaki hair is straight with very small micro kinks so that it's a not silky straight texture.

Caring for Yaki Straight (Relaxed Straight) Lace Front Wigs

As a straight texture, caring for yaki straight lace wigs is well... um... more straightforward (tee hee), nevertheless we still have an exclusive yaki wig care guide that outlines products to use the best way to wash a straight wig.

Best Textures for African American Lace Front Wigs... Kinky Straight

The kinky straight texture is resembles type 4 hair (usually Afro hair) that has been blow dried straight.

It's similar to the yaki straight textures as it has small kinks but the kinks are spaced further apart and are a touch sharper. The texture has movement but not as fluid as a yaki straight or light yaki texture.

Caring for Kinky Straight Lace Front Wigs

Caring for kinky straight lace wigs it's pretty simple, as long as the basic elements of wig care are followed.

As the hair was chemically processed for texture, it's best to deep condition once a month and use plant derived hair oils to nourish.

That's all for now folks on the best textures for African American lace front wigs, but you can find out about other questions in the Lace Wig (and traditional wig) Q&A section as well as the navigation menu; or if you'd like to keep up to date with the next guide about adhesives, removers, hair weave, hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces then join our blog – no personal info required.

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