Yaki Straight Lace Wigs
(Relaxed Straight) Texture Guide

Relaxed straight aka yaki straight lace wigs have made waves on the lace front wigs scene (despite being a straight hair texture hee hee). It’s answered the demands of those with Afro textured hair  as to how to wear an authentic looking straight haired lace wig. Our Store has plenty of options for you.

Whatever your reason for needing or wanting to wear a wig – hair loss or hair growth challenges - this is the place to find out why wearing a relaxed straight textured wig, will look like your natural hair has been relaxed.

Who Can Wear (Relaxed Straight) Yaki Straight Lace Wigs?

As the relaxed straight (yaki) hair texture replicates Afro hair that has been relaxed it’s great for those with Afro hair types.

We can’t emphasise enough that this is the texture to choose if you have naturally Afro hair and you want straight hair that looks like straightened Afro textured hair.

You’ll see from the pictures that Relaxed straight hair is completely straight, but has a micro kink added to it to mimic the texture achieved when Afro hair is relaxed or straightened with hair straighteners.

Relaxed Straight aka Yaki Straight Lace Wigs... Length

Much like the information for silky straight lace wigs, you can find a variety of lengths for relaxed straight (yaki) textured hair.

yaki straight lace wigsRelaxed straight aka Yaki straight lace wig

Your Remy lace front wigs will cost you more beyond 18 inches due to the smaller supply of donors that have that length of hair.

Lengths for (relaxed straight) Yaki straight lace wigs are typically 10 – 24 inches but you will find places that offer 8 – 36 inches such as… um well us – Hooray!

It’s important to remember to decide whether you only want 100% Remy hair for your wigs for human hair wigs or whether non-remy lace wigs are also an option. 

Also remember that if you intend to have your wig styled and cut in a way that involves taking length off the bottom, it’s worth bearing this in mind when you choose the length of your lace front wig.

(Relaxed Straight) Yaki Straight Lace Wigs... Colours

Indian and Chinese Remy hair comes naturally in black to dark brown with the other colours occurring due to being dyed.

You can find colours in every shade up to blonde with (relaxed straight) yaki straight lace wigs, however completely light lace wigs tend to be found in the custom wigs’ section and not the ready to wear in-stock section of stores.

If you’re darker in complexion you may want to look at our hair colour guide for those with darker skin tones by clicking here, or to find out about the colours that complement all skin tones check out the hair colour and skin tone chart

Full Lace Wigs in yaki straightFull lace wig in relaxed straight

It’s worth noting that the lighter colours can be expensive because of the permanent dyeing process, so you may opt to have a base colour with 1- 2 highlight colours over about 30% of the wig.

Caring For (Relaxed Straight) Yaki Straight Lace Wigs

Have a peruse of the Peruke’s Caring For Wigs Guide and have a look at these top five tips to get you started.

1. Wash your (relaxed straight) Yaki straight lace wig on a mannequin head (a polystyrene/Styrofoam head is fine) if possible. This gives you complete control over the procedure, so you can see what you are doing.

2. Use a shampoo for dry/damaged hair (make sure it’s for coloured hair if you’re wig is coloured in any way).

3. Avoid hot blow drying your wig with a hooded dryer or otherwise! This shrinks the lace of the wig and you can’t wear a wig that’s too small! 

4. Use an anti frizz serum when wet to keep the hair smooth on your (relaxed straight) Yaki straight lace wig.

Avoid anything with mineral oils. You really don’t need to use much in the way of moisturiser for Yaki straight hair, but feel free to mix 70% water with 30% glycerine or buy a moisturising spray.

5. Paddle brushes are great for (relaxed straight) yaki straight lace wigs and the hair can be combed whether wet or dry but don’t over comb the hair and don’t comb it too much when wet as it can contribute to shedding of your lovely relaxed straight (yaki) full lace wig!

Bob’s your uncle! There’s your yaki straight lace wigs guide sign, sealed and delivered!

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