Hair Weave Tracking Technique

So just what kind of hair weave attachment is right for you? Here's a quick guide to using the tracking integration method.

It’s a straight forward process to sew in weave hair, but if you're new to the whole sewn in weave hair thing, then be prepared to take your time... slow and steady wins the race.

It’s called tracking as the weave tracks around your head following the cornrows.

If you would like to make a wig using weave hair and glue, there's a step by step guide to making a wig.

Hair Weave Tracking

Hair Weave 01Tricolour Weave Hair

You will need:
Weaving thread
A curved needle (like the kind used for upholstery)
Hair clips to hold hair back as you braid
Weave hair of any texture

Parting The Hair
Your own hair is braided into cornrows in concentric circles – so it looks like a spiral or in an alternative shape to allow you to have a parting in the middle or at the side.

If you’d like to have a parting in the middle of your head or off centre then attach your wefts in a U shape so they go from one ear around the back of your head to the other ear (the step by step guide to making a wig - shows this better).

This way you'll be able to part the hair on the crown of your head without your sewn in tracks showing

1. Make a horizontal parting near the nape of your neck and clip or tie the rest of your hair away allowing the rest of your growth hair to fall against your neck.
Images found at

2. Measure the width of the nape and cut one piece of the weft to fit that section (click image to enlarge - enlarge it twice by clicking the expansion box top right of the enlarged image).

Although the images depict glue-in hair extensions, you can apply the principles of starting at the nape and moving ear to ear.

Starting from the most outer level of cornrows (usually near your nape), sew the hair wefts into the cornrows with the curved needle following the spiral (or the chosen pattern of your cornrows) until you get to the middle or crown.

Avoid bulky weave hair
Make sure that the cornrows are fairly well spaced to avoid a bulky look – unless of course, that’s what you’re going for!

Just adding length
If you just want to add extra length to your look, you can also leave your own hair out at the front to be combed over the weave hair. Alternatively, leave a section out at the front where you’d like to part your hair.

You can either use lace closures that can be sewn into the cornrows so that the tracks are fully concealed or you can create your own closure piece out of weft hair - follows steps 7-9 of this DIY Wig Guide. Alternatively , you can leave some hair free on each side of the parting.

Care for Sewn In Hair Extensions

Sewn in hair extensions are cared for slightly differently to glue-in hair weaves and there's a guide solely dedicated to caring for sewn in hair extensions  

Once you've attached your weave hair, you can use styling products and if you're curious as to the similarities and differences of weave hair products and methods for glue in hair extensions and sewn in hair extensions, you can check out the comparison guides to daily styling weave hair products, the guide to washing hair weave and of course, guides for nourishing hair oils and conditioning hair weave; all these guide provide info for both glue-in weave hair and sew-in weave hair.

So there you have it, hair weave tracking in a nutshell!

There are answers to questions in the Hair Extensions Q&A section and if you'd like to keep up to date with articles and guides, then why not join our blog, it's easy to do and doesn't require any personal info - yay!

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