Which Hair Weave Products
Should I Use to Wash My Hair?
(Part Two - Washing)

"What hair weave products should I use to wash my hair extensions?"

Hair weave products are used as part of maintaining hair weaves and hair weave maintenance can be divided into three areas; daily styling products and tools for weave hair, washing weave hair and of course caring (nourishing) which includes conditioning.

There's a lot to choose from but we've put together a run through of the cleansing products (shampoos and conditioners) and cleansing processes for both sew-in human hair weave and glue-in human hair weave - but before we do that... it might be an idea to have a short story...

A little tale about dirty hair
Hair washing (whether the hair is on a wig, hair extension, or growth hair) is about removing oil (sebum) dust, or styling products from the surface of the scalp, hair and from between the hair strands.

In other words, you, your hair and your scalp will all be better off if you're gentle when washing.

Hair Weave Products for Washing Sew-in Weave Hair

Washing sewn-in hair weaves is a bit like washing braided hair extensions; you have to get between the tracks and you get your whole head wet whilst doing so.

As your hair weave is sewn into your hair, you can use whichever shampoo, or conditioning shampoo that you ordinarily use, however the better options for hair cleansing products are those that are free from
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and its cousin, Sodium Laureth Sulphate - these ingredients are quite harsh for human hair.

Basic Steps for Washing Sew-in Hair Weave

We are nothing if not thorough on this site, so if you like lots of detail and pictures then check out the step-by-step guide to washing sew-in hair weave - yes it's aimed at curly heads, but the principles apply to straight and wavy weave heads too.

For those of you who like things to be a bit briefer and with fewer pics, read on.
Step 1
Mix your chosen cleansing agent with some warm water in a spray or applicator bottle and set aside.

Steps 2 & 3
Detangle with fingers when hair weave is dry - start at the ends and work up to the tracks. Use a wide tooth comb and start combing from the tips of the hair working upwards to the tracks.

Steps 4
Separate each of the tracks and apply the shampoo and water mix between each track and your edges. Gently massage into your growth hair.

Step 5 & 6
Apply the cleanser and water mixture to your hair weave until it's saturated. Comb from the tips up to the tracks using a wide tooth comb.

Step 7 & 8
Rinse. Yes, that's right, rinse. The shampoo and water mixture has done its job of trapping the oil, styling product build-up and dust from the hair and it's ready to be rinsed away. You can use your fingers to gently massage in between tracks as you rinse. Repeat until cleansing agent is removed.

Repeat from step 4 if you think the hair is not clean.

Steps 9 & 10
After the final rinse, squeeze the hair to remove excess water (don't wring it); start at the top and work towards the ends. Whilst your weave hair extensions are still dripping, use a wide tooth comb and starting at the tips, work upwards to detangle.

Step 11
Dry your hair. If you have curly hair weave, it's better to leave it to air-dry so that the curl pattern can fully return.

Cleansing Hair Weave Products for Glue-in Weave

The process and hair weave products for cleaning glue-in hair weave are completely different to the steps above.

There are two choices:
1. Not to wash the hair weave with water 
2. Wash the hair weave that's nowhere near the glued tracks.

If you choose option one, then say hello to the world of dry shampoos - there are several brands.

Spray hair weave productsApply hair cleansing products from mid length on glue-in hair weave

If you choose option two, there are some factors to keep in mind. In terms of hair weave products, shampoos and conditioners can cause the glue bonds to weaken, disintegrate or become sticky which could lead to your growth hair becoming matted or the hair weave to coming away from your hair.

So, much like the daily styling rules for glue in hair extension, the main thing is to avoid getting any shampoo or conditioner products directly on glued area of the hair weave, in fact conditioners are used to loosen and remove glue-in hair weaves.

If you're only wearing a partial glue-in weave (for example, nape area only, crown only, sides only, fringe (bangs) only), then section off those parts and wash your growth hair using the steps above.

If this is too difficult, then you can try to clean the hair from the mid length downwards using an applicator bottle and following the steps above.

OK, cleansing products and processes for hair weave done and dusted, but your guide to hair weave products isn't over yet, there's still the issue of nourishing your hair weave with oils.

If you want to keep up to date with the next guide about hair weave, wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions, then why not join our blog.


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