Can You See The Clips in
Clip In Hair Extensions?
(and other clip-in hair extension queries)

"Can you see the clips in clip in hair extensions?"

The short answer is that you can't see the clips in clip in hair extensions. Usually the density of the hair means that people won’t be able to see the clips, no matter how close they stand. Another reason why clips aren't visible is that in many instances clip hair extensions come with clips that are similar in colour to the hair colour.

"How do I look after my hair extension clips?"

Caring for clip on hair extensions doesn't differ that much from how you'd care for your own hair and there a care guide for clip on hair extensions.

In brief however, after each wearing, gently comb them and perhaps spray the ends with a serum or light moisturiser and lie flat for the next use. Voila!

"Do I have to go to a salon to have my clip in hair extensions fitted?"

The short and sweet answer is no. You can easily fit them yourself, by following the guide on the hair extensions clip overview page. You’ll be able to fit the extensions within minutes.

Clip In Hair Extensions 01Brown clip in hair extensions with brown clips

"Can I wear my clip on hair extensions everyday?"

Another short and sweet answer; yes you can. In order to avoid damaging the hair, it’s always best to take them out before going to sleep.

"How long will my clip in hair extensions last?"

It all depends on how often you wear them and how often you use appliances like straighteners (human hair) but usually a safe measure is anything from three months up to one year… Speaking of straighteners…

"Can I use straighteners on my clip on extensions?"

As long as the extensions are made of human hair, then straighten away. If you've chosen Afro curl clip-on hair extensions or something like kinky curly clip-on hair extensions, then frequent straightening over a prolonged period will ultimately damage the curl pattern.

Remember that it’s important that you do all your straightening or curling prior to attaching the extensions as the clips are made of metal.

It always seems a better idea to say that if you really want straight clip hair extensions, then it's better to buy straight clip hair extensions instead of overusing heat styling tools and if you're not sure what kinds of straight textures there are, why not check out the guide for straight textures for clip hair extensions - hooray!

"Can I use curling irons and wands on my clip in hair extensions?"

You certainly can. Much like the tips above, if you have human hair clip-on hair extensions then you can use heat styling tools - so go get your heated rollers and wands and rock waves and curls at will.

Again much like the advice above, if you think you'll be using heat styling tools frequently it may be better to buy wavy clip-on hair or curly clip hair extensions to avoid damaging the hair through excessive heat styling... and if you're wondering just what kinds of curly textures are available for clip hair extensions then why not check out the curly clip hair extension guide.

"Can I use hair dryers on my clip in hair extensions?"

You can definitely use hair dryers on clip-in human hair extensions; but ideally not hooded dryers because typically the clips in clip hair extensions are made from metal which means they become hot when there's heat and as the clips are very close to your scalp, this is not something you want to happen.

If it hasn't already been mentioned, it'll be mentioned now; when it comes to synthetic clip hair extensions, you can only use heat (of any kind) if the hair is heat resistant otherwise you'll ruin your synthetic clip-in hair extensions.

If you’d like more clip hair extension care tips, peruse the guides about oils and conditioners as well as easy washing methods for clip in hair or peruse the Hair Extensions Q&A section;

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