Straight Textures for Clip Hair Extensions
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"What are the straight textures for clip hair extensions?"

Clip hair extensions (also called clip-on hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions) come in a variety of straight, wavy and curly textures. The appeal of clip-on hair extensions is that they're super easy to attach to your hair, and don't require glue, heat or a trip to your salon - hooray!

The straight textures available are the usual suspects so without further ado, let's get on and canter through the straight textures for clip-on hair extensions and whilst we're at it, trot through the clip-in hair extension care tips that apply to all textures of clip-in human hair extensions including tips and advice about washing, drying, swimming and sleeping.

Silky Straight Clip Hair Extensions

As you may well know by now if you've read our guides on textures for lace front wigs or textures for micro ring hair extensions, this is the straightest of all hair textures and based on the hair texture definitions by Andre Walker, this is known as type 1 hair.

Silky Straight Clip Hair ExtensionsSilky Straight Clip-on Hair Extensions

Silky straight clip-in hair extensions suit those whose natural growth hair is either naturally straight or has been chemically straightened (however some folks with chemically straightened hair find silky straight clip-in hair extensions too silky a texture when trying to blend with their own hair).

As with all things straight, they can be curled (OK, OK, that just applies to hair but you have to admit it was a pretty smooth line.... hmmm almost as smooth as silky straight clip-on hair extensions...hee haw)

If you're a fan of wands, irons or heated rollers, then keep them to hand as you can use heat styling tools with clip-in human hair extensions and what's more, you can create waves and curls before the clip-in hair extensions are attached to your head - yippee!

Summary of Hair Care for Silky Straight Clip Hair Extensions

Here are the top tips to get you going: 
Avoid using styling products directly on the actual clips as these can cause the coating to deteriorate and the metal underneath to become exposed and be subject to corrosion.

Don't over comb the clip-in hair extensions as this can cause the hair extensions to shed.

Always detangle hair before washing clip-in human hair extensions.

Yaki Straight Clip Hair Extensions

Yes, that's right folks, the wonder that is of Yaki straight hair is available as clip-on hair extensions. The Yaki texture mimics very curly hair (usually but not exclusively Afro hair) that has been chemically straightened with a chemical relaxer or with heat.

Yaki Straight Clip Hair ExtensionsYaki Straight Clip-in Hair Extensions

There are quite a few versions of the Yaki straight texture such as light Yaki, Italian Yaki, or relaxed hair.

Yaki clip-on hair extensions have great fluidity and movement and is slightly thicker than silky straight hair. If your hair texture is somewhere along the Afro spectrum and you want to wear a straight look, then Yaki straight is great match.

Summary of Hair Care for Yaki Clip Hair Extensions

Here are the top tips to get you going: 
Keep the hair moisturised daily with oil free sprays or moisturizers without mineral oils - "without mineral do I do that?" It may sound like an impossible task, buy you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of plant-based oils for hair that are better suited to your clip-in hair extensions.

We all like blow dryers but due to the fact that clip in hair extensions typically come with metal clips, it's not a good idea to use a hooded dryer as this can heat the metal in the clips... which are very close to your scalp.

Kinky Straight Clip Hair Extensions

Kinky straight clip-on hair extensions are here and here to stay... c'mon don't pretend it's a surprise but if it is, what a great surprise - hooray!

Kinky Straight Clip Hair ExtensionsKinky Straight Clip-on Hair Extensions

It's a bit of a funny thing but the kinky straight texture used for clip-in hair extensions can come in two forms; the first is the type of kinky straight hair in the image where the kinks are in plain sight; the other kind is closer to resembling Afro hair that has been blow dried straight and the kinks are less visible.

Summary of Hair Care for Kinky Straight Clip Hair Extensions
Here are the top tips to get you going:
Make sure that the clip-in hair extensions have dried fully after washing and that the clips are not wet.

Always wash your clip-on hair extensions with a clarifying shampoo after using steam rooms, saunas or swimming.

All clip-in human hair extensions need moisture - so be sure to keep the hair moisturised on a daily basis.

Ta-dah! A hop, skip and jump through the straight textures available for clip-in hair extensions... but if you're more of a wavy and curly person (we don't judge!) why not check out our guide for curly clip-in hair or our guide to wavy clip-on hair extensions.

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