Do Clip Hair Extensions
Come In Curly Textures?
(and other clip-in hair extension queries)

"Do clip hair extensions come in curly textures?"

Clip hair extensions (also called clip-in hair extensions and clip-on hair extensions) come in a variety of wavy, curly and straight textures.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get down to the business of curl patterns for clip-in hair extensions and some easy to follow tips for maintaining clip-in hair extensions.

Loose Curl Clip Hair Extensions

Loose Curl Clip Hair ExtensionsLoose Curl Clip-on Hair Extensions

Here's the thing with curls, other than a few clearly defined titles (Jhreri curl, for example) a lot of titles are simply made up for selling purposes like Brazilian curl or Spanish curl.

The key thing to focus on when choosing a curly texture (whether for wigs, weaves or hair extensions) is the description of the curl pattern and the curl size.

The key thing to remember with curls is that the large the curl, the less like it will return after washing (unless it's synthetic hair extensions as the plastic fibres are fixed in structure).

Back to loose curls... If you choose human hair clip-in extensions then you can use heat to straighten however excessive heat styling can damage the hair - but it might be better to get a straight of clip-in hair extensions to preserve and protect the texture of your curly clip-in extensions.

Synthetic clip-in hair extensions will keep their texture longer and it's better not to heat straighten, even if their heat resistant.

Summary of Hair Care for Curly Clip Hair Extensions

Use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush to avoid creating frizz.

Use serums, oil free sprays or moisturizers without mineral oils on wet hair to control frizz and help define curls.

Always air-dry the clip extensions in an upright position (hanging) so that the curl pattern can fully return as it dries.

Kinky Curly Clip Hair Extensions

As you may well know by now if you've read our guides on textures for micro loop hair extensions, this is one of the smallest curl patterns for hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces.

Afro Kinky Curly Clip Hair ExtensionsKinky Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions

We've asked it before, but we'll ask it again: Who loves kinky curly hair extensions? Answer: Everyone. 

The curls may be small, but the texture isn't stiff - if you move, your kinky curls will move.

Human hair clip-in hair extensions give you the option of heat styling but excessive use may end up distorting the curl pattern (loosening it or changing it into waves) so stick infrequent (if at all) heat styling.

Synthetic clip-in hair extensions should be treated as synthetic - cordon them off as a no heat zone - even if they're heat resistant as heat damage cannot be undone.

Summary of Hair Care for Kinky Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions

Keep the hair moisturised daily with plant-based oils for hair or oil free moisturizers.

Always air-dry the clip extensions in an upright position (hanging) so that the curl pattern can fully return as it dries.

Afro Curl Clip Hair Extensions (aka Afro kinky)

If you've read our guides on textures for lace front wigs, you'll know that the Afro curl is the smallest curl pattern for hairpieces and perukes.

Afro Kinky Clip-in Hair ExtensionsAfro Curl Clip-in Hair Extensions

We've also said this before, and we'll say it again: if you're part of the natural hair texture movement, then Afro curly clip-on hair extensions are a great way to add length to your natural Afro tresses (OK, so that's a made-up movement, but you get the point).

Afro curl clip-in hair extensions are available in both synthetic and human hair clip-in hair extensions.

As expected, the human hair versions can be heat styled whilst the synthetic versions shouldn't be (no matter what the label says).

Summary of Hair Care for Afro Curl Clip Hair Extensions

Keep the hair moisturised daily with oil free moisturizers or plant-based oils for hair.

Detangle hair with fingers first when dry before washing

Don't brush Afro curl clip-in hair extensions as this can create an Afro puff or frizz; instead use a wide tooth comb when the hair is wet instead.

Clip-on hair extensions are super-duper easy to attach (just open the clip, attach the hair extensions and press the clip closed) which means there's no need for heat, glue, fusion bonding, braids or clamps - hooray!

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