Are There Clip-in African American
Hair Extensions? (Part Two)

"Can you buy clip-in African American hair extensions?"

There've been a few questions about clip-in African American hair extensions and if you're new to the field of clip hair extensions then you might be of the impression that African American clip-in hair extensions are a bit of myth, but you'd be wrong.

The usual texture suspects show up for clip-on hair extensions, just like they do for almost every other type of hair extension... so let's delve into the world of Afro curl and Yaki straight textures for clip hair extensions.

We interrupt this article to bring you urgent news about measuring the length of curly and wavy clip hair extensions

The image to the right shows a bundle of wavy hair weave which would be listed as 22" in length as that's its length when straight; when wavy it's length is 17".

It's important to know exactly where the curls or waves will fall when you attach clip hair extensions before you buy (especially as you may not be able to return your hair extensions to the retailer).
Interruption over...

Textures for Clip-in African American Hair Extensions... Afro Curl

If you're part of the natural hair texture movement also known as the chemical straightener free movement (and yes we did just make those up) and simply want to add thickness and or volume (or both!) to your natural Afro tresses then look no further than Afro curl clip hair extensions... what a treat!

As a curly hair texture, your Afro curl clip-in extensions will require moisturizing to keep the hair soft, nourishment from hair oils and it will need to be washed in a way that protects the curl pattern.

Single or Multi Clips?
Afro curl clip hair extensions are available as both small single clips and larger multi-clip sets of up to 12 pieces. Much like other textures you have a choice as to density for each set and length.

Lengths Available?
You'll be pleased or shocked to know that Afro curl clip hair extensions are available from 8" - 30", yes, that's correct - three-zero but the most commonly available lengths are between 8" and 22" (measured when the hair is straight)

Noteworthy Factors?
The hair arrives with defined curls but there's no guarantee that the definition will return after washing - you may have to use a curl activator to regain the defined curls.

Textures for Clip-in African American Hair Extensions... Yaki Straight aka Relaxed Afro Hair aka Afro Straight

Another favourite, known by several names and loved by many.

Its namesakes include light Yaki clip in hair extensions, Italian Yaki, or AA relaxed hair (please don't ask what the AA stands for because it really won't be worth the explanation!) and the idea of the Yaki straight texture is that it resembles Afro hair that has been chemically straightened (relaxed) or heat straightened (sometimes termed "pressed").

Single or Multi Clips?
As you can see from the image, Yaki clip hair extensions are available in multi-clip forms of up to 12 pieces and smaller clip sets (two inches wide wefts to eight inch wide wefts for the back of the head). As always, you have a choice as to density for each set and length.

Lengths Available?
Yaki straight clip hair extensions are available from 8" - 36", but the most commonly available lengths are between 8" and 22"

Noteworthy Factors?
The hair is usually single drawn and so will be thinner at the ends than at the top. It's really straight forward to care or yaki clip in hair extensions and super easy to wash them.

What was that? Something missing? Two things missing? Hmm... What could they be...? Ah-ha! Check out the guide about kinky curl and kinky straight clip-in hair extensions (well spotted!) and if that's not enough, why not take a walk through the guide for wavy textures for African American human hair extensions.

We got things covered: whatever the type of hair extension and whatever the texture of hair, we have a guide for you. So why check out our Q&A section about braided hair extensions, or the guide on loose kinky curly micro ring hair extensions and of course African American hair weave.

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