What's A Quick Way To Moisturize
Curly Hair Extensions?
(and other curly human hair extension questions)

"What's a quick way to moisturize curly hair extensions?"

Moisturizing curly hair extensions is key to maintaining elasticity and preventing the hair from becoming dry, brittle and eventually forming split ends or breaking. 

Below are a few easy steps to ensure your curly human hair extensions stay healthy and look good.

30ml Pump Spray Bottle

Human hair extensions can tend to dry out due to the fact that the hair has been chemically processed to produce the hair texture (which includes straight textures as well as curly hair textures).

If you're away from your home-mini salon then an easy way to moisturize on the fly is get a small spray pump bottle (something you can keep in your handbag without it taking up too much space) and fill it with 90% water and 10% glycerine.

Then if you're out and about, working late, or indeed partying late and notice that your curly hair extensions seem frizzy or dry at the ends, you can lightly mist the hair and hydrate the hair.

"What's So Great About Glycerine?"

Glycerine is great because it's a humectant which means it attracts moisture; the technical term is hygroscopic which basically means that it absorbs water from the air; so if you left an bottle of pure glycerine open in a room, over time it would draw in the moisture from the air and become about 80 per cent glycerine and 20 per cent water.

This makes glycerine great for hair (and skin products) as it helps prevent hair drying out because it's constantly drawing moisture (from the air) into your hair.

"Is there a curly hair extension care guide that includes moisturizing tips?"

Due to the nature of curly human hair extensions (and the number of queries) we've put together a couple of guides specifically for curly hair extensions - hooray!

"What's the best way to moisturize curly hair extensions?"

The best way to moisturize curly human hair extensions (which including curly hair weaves, micro bead hair extensionsclip in hair extensions and pre-glued hair extensions is to do so every day using something like a cream or serum or a spray moisturizer (which can either contain oil or be oil free).

Spray moisturiser on hair extensionsSpray moisturiser on hair extensions

When using a spray on micro bead hair extensions, pre glued hair extensions and glued in hair extensions, either start at the bottom and work up to the mid length, or start at the middle and work down.

If you have sewn in hair extensions, then you can moisturize root to tip.

A good moisturizer will always be a water-based moisturizer.

"What exactly does water-based mean?" It means that water is the primary (or first) ingredient. Check the ingredients on your hair care moisturizer, if the first ingredient is water, then your product is water based; if the first ingredient is oil, then it's oil based.

Why is a water based moisturizer important?

A water based moisturizer will ensure that the curly hair receives the moisture (water ) it needs; oils can be added at any time but oils don't provide moisture, they provide lubrication or proteins or both (if you choose the right oil) and they can seal in moisture (water) when applied to wet or damp hair.

"What are the best types of moisturizers for curly human hair extensions?"

The best types of moisturizers for curly human hair extensions (and all other textures of human hair extensions):

  • are water-based (water is the first ingredient)
  • contain plant based oils or butters
  • do not contain mineral oil (as mineral oil sits on the surface of the hair and trapping dust and what's more, it also prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft which means it can actually contribute to dry and brittle hair). 

Okeydokey, that's the mosey through moisturizing for curly hair extensions and if you have more questions about hair extensions why not check out the Your Hair Extension Questions, Answered section; or if you'd like to be first to read new guides and articles about wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions, join our blog - it's super easy to do and doesn't require any personal info!

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