Are There Clip-in African American
Hair Extensions? (Part One)

"Can you buy clip-in African American hair extensions?"

There've been a few questions about clip-in African American hair extensions and there seems to be some misinformation about just what textures are available; never fear, a guide is here (click on images to enlarge).

Whatever the type of hair extension and whatever the texture of hair, we have a guide for you. So peruse our have a Q&A section about braided hair extensions, guides about African American hair weave and guides about loose kinky curly micro ring hair extensions, but if you're looking for info textures for African American clip hair extensions, then read on.

A little word about measuring the length of curly and wavy clip hair extensions

Always remember that the length of curly or wavy clip hair extensions is measured when the hair is straight and not when wavy or curly; the image to the right says it all...

As clip hair extensions are worn to add thickness or length, it's important that you know exactly where the curls or waves will fall when you attach them before you buy (especially as not all retailers allow hair extensions to be returned).

Textures for Clip-in African American Hair Extensions... Loose Afro Curl aka Kinky Curl

Question: Who loves kinky curly hair extensions? Answer: Everyone. It's a great texture that's really popular. If you have natural small curls and are looking for clip in African American hair extensions to add fullness or length; then look no further - lovely loose Afro curled clip-in hair extensions are here - hurrah!

The loose Afro curl (kinky curl) has great movement - if you move, your kinky curls will move.

Single or Multi Clips?
You'll be pleased to know that the loose Afro curl (aka kinky curl) clip hair extensions are available as both small single clips as well as larger multi-clip sets of up to 12 pieces and as you already know you have a choice as to density as each set is available in a range of weights (densities).

This means if you only wish to add a small amount of volume at the sides of your head you can buy smaller wefts with lower weights.

Lengths Available?
Kinky curl clip hair extensions are available from 8" - 30", but the most widely available lengths are between 8" and 22" (measured when straight)

If you decide on this ever-popular texture then check out the guide on caring for kinky curly clip in hair as well as the guide about washing kinky curly hair - both outline how to care for clip in hair extensions, but there are also guides that outline how to care for curly wigs, and curly hair weave extensions - just in case you're not sold on clip in hair extensions.

Noteworthy Factors?
The size of the curl varies, so check the listing description of the hair before you buy.

Textures for Clip-in African American Hair Extensions... Kinky Straight

Another favourite African American hair extensions texture.... also available as clip hair extensions.

The kinky straight texture is supposed to mimic blow dried Afro hair... so why it's not just called BloDrAf is a mystery...tee hee

The texture is technically straight as there are no waves, but there are definitely kinks.... and lots of them depending on the brand you buy - if you're into waves, check out the guide about wavy textures for African American human hair extensions.

If you're are part of the chemical free movement and have decided not to chemically straighten (relax) your hair, (or thinking of joining) and are looking at ways to wear your hair with added length then the kinky straight texture may be right up your street.

If you're not sure how to look after kinky straight hair, then check out the guide on kinky straight clip in hair care.

Single or Multi Clips?
Kinky straight clip hair extensions are available as both large multi-clips and small single clips, with the larger sets usually containing 7-12 pieces in each set. Much like the kinky curl, each set has a range of densities (quoted in gram weight).

Lengths Available?
Kinky curl clip hair extensions are available from 8" - 30", but the most widely available lengths are between 8" and 22"

Noteworthy Factors?
Although the kinky straight texture is supposed resemble blow dried Afro hair, sometimes the kinks are more visible as in the image above and other times they can be less visible (see image on this page to compare).
Always check the listing image of the clip hair extensions before you buy

Hmm...Something seems to be missing... but what....? The other two African American hair extension textures are missing from this guide...but all's well as you can find them on the next article for Yaki straight hair and Afro curl clip-in hair extensions - voila! 

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