What Wavy Textures Are There For African American Human Hair Extensions?

"What are the different types of wavy and curly textures are there for African American Human Hair Extensions?"

Following on from the questions about curly African American human hair extensions, there were also questions about wavy African American hair extensions and that's what this page is dedicated to reviewing - hooray!

If any type of wavy hair extensions are your thing, you can check the Q&A section about hair braiding extensions, a section about hair weave and of course a section about wavy micro ring hair extensions, but if you're looking for waves... then wahey! You're in the right place! (click images to enlarge)

Measuring Length in Wavy Hair Extensions

When buying wavy hair extensions (or curly) it's important to remember that the length stated is the straight (stretched) length, not the wavy length. The image below shows a wavy 22" bundle of hair weave - when it's straight it's 22" and when it's wavy the length is 17".

Always make sure you know what the wavy length will be before you buy.

Textures for African American Human Hair Extensions...Large Loose Wave

The large loose curl texture is a great texture often used by those with naturally Afro hair as well as those with naturally straight hair. The size of large loose waves can vary so always check the image of the hair extensions before you buy.

When combed through, the texture provides body and volume and loose waves that won't appear as heavily defined once the hair has been washed.

The loose wave texture is available for clip in hair extensions, gluing, braiding, fusion bonding, micro ring hair extensions and hair weaving.

As these are human hair extensions you can use heat to straighten the hair and the waves will return when the hair is wet, in fact this is a good place to mention that the braided hair extension washing method can be used to wash the hair whether you have braids or weave.

Key factor to note about large loose waves:
Although you can use heat to straighten, curling the hair isn't really ideal because it takes a lot of heat (you're essentially heat straightening to remove the waves and heat curling to add the curls). The extra time and heat needed to create curls from wavy hair can cause the wave pattern to become distorted.

Textures for African American Human Hair Extensions... Deep Wave

If you're not completely sold on kinky curls then perhaps the deep wave texture is a better option for you.

The deep wave texture is available in different hair extensions like hair weave extensions, fusion bonding, clip in hair, glue in waves and braided hair extensions.

The deep wave texture is a popular texture and if you use human hair you'll be able to straighten it with heat, but much like the guidance for kinky curls, excessive heat straightening can ultimately damage the deep wave texture.

Much like any curly or wavy texture, frizzing can be a problem but it's easily controlled with a spray moisturizer or serum and when it comes to washing the hair extensions then using the curly hair weave washing method is ideal.

Whilst this page doesn't cover the full gamut of wave patterns for human hair extensions (like water wave and beach wave) it should give a flavour of the wavy textures used in African American human hair extensions (for both African Americans and those with Afro hair).

Hmm what about curly textures? Good question - you can review the guide about curly textures for African American hair extensions.

There are more questions about hair extensions at the Hair Extension Q&A section; or if you'd like to be first to read new guides and articles about wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions, join our blog.
Feb 2016

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