If You Buy Hair Extensions Online,
Can You Return Them?
(and other hair extension questions)

"If you buy hair extensions online, can you return them?"

Like we said before, it's easy to buy hair extensions online if you have all of information you need to make the best choice.

Clip hair extensionsPink clip hair extensions

We don't know everything, but we do know a thing or two; and the fact that you've found this page means you also defo know a thing or two and you'd like to know a little bit more... so we've gone one better than two and outlined three key factors you should know about returning items in the UK before you buy hair extensions online (top marks if you noticed the one, two, three play on words - tee hee).

Before you buy hair extensions online you should know...whether you can return the hair extensions

Ok, before you say it, we know that if you've ordered custom made hair extensions that you'll usually automatically be unable to return them unless they're faulty, but what if they aren't custom coloured and custom cut hair extensions, what if they were advertised coloured clip hair extensions and when they arrived they were a different colour, or the hair extensions were synthetic instead of human hair...what then?

Well in the UK we had the good ol' Sales of Goods Act 1979 (a good year) until October 2015 when it was replaced with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (another fine year) which states that in relation to goods (hair extensions are come under the category of goods and not services) that the goods (hair extensions) should be:

  1. Of satisfactory quality
  2. Fit for a particular purpose
  3. As described

So you, the lovely consumer have a right to return the item if it fails to objectively meet one of the above.

Examples of this would be that you buy clip hair extensions and the hair extensions arrive with rusty clips - the goods would not be of satisfactory quality; or the hair extensions came with perfectly good clips but they were attached so poorly that they fell off the first time you wore the hair - the goods would not be fit for a particular purpose; or the hair extensions arrived but clips were not attached - the goods would be not as described.

These types of occurrences give you the right to return the item in the UK...

Micro loop hair extensionsWavy micro loop hair extensions

But it must be objective - (provable to others, for example ordering straight hair texture clip in hair extensions and receiving curly or wavy textured clip-on hair extensions) - so the fact that the hair extension arrive and you decide you'd like them longer and consider them not to be fit for purpose, won't give you the right in UK law to return them.

The rules for each country are different and the best thing you can do as a consumer and wearer of hair extensions is to always, always, always check the terms and conditions of the retailer. 

Some retailers won't go beyond the law but some retailers offer more than the law does... such  as "no quibble" returns - which means you can buy the hair extensions online and if when they arrive you don't like them, you can return them for a full refund.

We've said it before and we'll say it again; always, always, always check the terms and conditions of the retailer.

Before you buy hair extensions online you should know...when the hair extensions will arrive

Yes, that's right folks. It's all good and well knowing where your hair extensions are being sent from and whether you can return them after they arrive, but you also need to know just exactly when they'll arrive.

Sometimes retailers overpromise without necessarily intending to under-deliver and sometimes bad weather (or poor postal services) can contribute to delays, but if the arrival date of your hair extensions is important then make sure that you know exactly when they're due arrive so that you're not left in the lurch and having to make alternative hair arrangements.

Hair Extensions: Ombre hair weaveHair Extensions: Ombre hair weave

We've heard many a story of folks buying hair extensions online and after waiting three weeks for items, they contact the retailer to insist that the delivery; the retailer then tells them that the terms and conditions which are (as plain as punch) on the website clearly state that delivery will be 28 days...not 21.

We've now said it twice before and we'll say it again; always, always, always check the terms and conditions of the retailer.

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