Yaki Clip Hair Extensions
Texture Guide

Yaki clip hair extensions resemble Afro textured has been chemically (relaxed) or heat straightened.
The texture has great movement and fluidity.

Yaki Clip Hair Extensions - Dip-DyeYaki Clip Hair Extensions - Dip-Dye

If you get up close and personal, you'll notice very tiny kinks in the hair strands which is why it's doesn't appear as shiny as silky straight textured hair extensions.

Yaki Clip Hair Extensions... Will They Blend?

Blending your clip in hair extensions is a must for a convincing look. If you have naturally very curly hair that you’ve had chemically straightened for some time (as in not salon-fresh) or heat straightened, you’ll be able to blend it with your clip-in hair extensions.

The more texture (curly) your natural growth hair was before straightening, the more likely it is that it will blend with Yaki  straight (relaxed straight) clip hair extensions.

This means that straight and wavy heads may find their natural hair is shinier than the yaki textures hair and so won’t blend as well – there’s not much that can be done about this as the ability for hair to reflect light (and therefore look shiny) is due to the overall shape of the hair strand itself - straight and curly hair have different shaped strands.

So if you have straight or wavy growth hair then the better texture options for clip in hair extensions are silky straight or natural straight textures.

Yaki Clip Hair Extensions... Single or Multi Clips

Yaki clip-ins are available as single wefts. Wefts can be as narrow as 1 inch and these are frequently worn at the sides of the head near the temples.

Wefts can be as wide as 9 inches and these are typically used at the back of the head (ear to ear).

Yaki straight clip-in hair extensions are also available in multi width sets (multi what whoa!? Read on and all will be explained).

Sets usually have a minimum of seven wefts of varying widths and can have as many as 12 wefts per set. These multi width sets are also available in a variety of densities (weights).

Densities… Wefts also come in different weights (densities). The larger clips are frequently available in different (weights) densities so you have the choice of buying a single 9” piece that weighs 100g or 9” piece that weighs about 40g and you can check out images of this here.

Yaki Clip Hair Extensions... Lengths

If you’re  clip in hair extension mavens we think you are (or if you’re new to the game and have read any of our other articles on clip in hair extension textures), you’ll know that Yaki straight clip hair extensions are available in lengths the short eight inches to the long 28 inches.

Being a maven, you’ll be aware that longer lengths are on the market but you’ll have to work like a treasure hunter to find them.

Relaxed straight clip hair extensions are available as unprocessed hair (aka “virgin” hair), remy and non-remy versions.

Yaki Clip Hair Extensions... Colours

Relaxed Clip Hair ExtensionsRelaxed Clip-In Hair Extensions - Colour 4

Everything….no joke. Yaki straight clip-in hair extensions are available in jet black, ombre, browns, lowlights, pastels, T-colours, caramel blondes, greens, dip-dyes, auburn, honey blondes, coppers platinum blonde, burgundy,  blues, if you can spell it, the makers can dye it.

If you're unsure as to which colours would complement your skin tone, why not check out our guide to hair extension colours and skin tones.

Caring For Yaki Clip Hair Extensions

If you haven’t already perused Peruke’s Caring For Clip In Hair Extensions Guide then go ahead but first, cast your eyes over these top five tips to get started:

1. Use a leave-in conditioner or deep condition your clip in hair extensions to repair and strengthen the hair as it has been chemically processed.

2. Wash your clip hair extensions with a shampoo designed for chemically treated hair.

3. Prevent the hair dehydrating by using a moisturizer without mineral oils.

4. Seal in more moisture by applying hair oils to damp hair.

5. Whenever you wash the hair extensions, detangle before washing and at the end of washing (before drying).

Relaxed straight aka yaki clip hair extensions, good to go!

If you’d like more tips about clip in hair extensions check the Hair Extensions Q&A section and if you’d like to keep up with the next guide about clip hair extensions, wigs, weave hair, hairpieces and wigs then join our blog.

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