How Do I Care For
Clip In Human Hair Extensions?
(Part One - Daily Styling)

"How should I care for my clip in human Hair extensions?"

Caring for clip in human hair extensions is about using styling products and tools that’ll keep the hair healthy and preserve the lifespan.

It might be easier to think about maintaining human hair clip in extensions (and all types of human hair extensions and wigs for that matter) as three different areas; daily styling; washing; and nourishing (oils and conditioners).

Clip In Human Hair ExtensionsClip On Human Hair Extensions - Ombre

We all like a one size fits all approach but life and hair extensions don’t work like that; some of the sections below have been divided into advice for different textures, that way you can focus on the styling tips for your preferred clip in hair texture without having to jump to different pages.

The best place to start is always at the start, so let’s crack on with hair extension products to use on your newly bought human hair clip in extensions.

Clip In Human Hair Extensions
Daily Styling Products for All Textures

You can pretty much use any kind styling products on human hair extensions; oils, sprays, waxes, gels, serums mousses - you name it, you can use it.

As your hair extensions are made from human hair, one of the key elements to keeping them in good condition is preventing the hair from becoming dry and fragile which means one thing and one thing only; moisture.

Human hair needs moisture in order or it to maintain elasticity and prevent the hair from becoming dry, brittle and eventually forming split ends or breaking.

Moisturize your clip on human hair extensions (and your own growth hair) on a daily basis. This doesn't mean smothering it in moisturising sprays or lotions - a light misting is fine.

A good hair moisturiser is one that is water-based (this means that water is listed as the first ingredient), as this will ensure that the hair receives the moisture it needs and isn't just coated in oils, thickeners and slip agents.

A great hair moisturiser will also contain plant derived oils or butters and won’t contain mineral oil (human hair can't absorb mineral oil, so it ends up sitting on the hair and trapping dirt, dust and!!).

Heat Styling Tools For All Clip In Human Hair Extension Textures

The recommendations are pretty much the same for your natural growth hair; frequent use over a long period of time will ultimately damage the hair… and before you ask; yes this is still the case even if you use heat styling tools with ceramic, far-infrared, ionic or titanium techno-startrekwars-ology or thermal protectants.

These products don’t eliminate damage to the hair; they just claim to reduce damage.

If you really like wearing different textures, it’s better to buy different textures as you’ll save in the long run as the hair extensions will last longer.

Additional Note For Wavy and Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Prolonged and frequent use of heat styling tools can end up distorting or damaging the wave or curl pattern.

The thing to remember about wavy and curly textured hair extensions is that the hair has been chemically processed to produce the texture.

This chemical processing alters and therefore weakens the structure of the hair – and over time, frequent heat styling (dryers and irons) weakens the hair (damages) the hair and shorten its lifespan.

Combs and Brushes for Wavy and Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions

The general rule is that large tooth combs (different from wide tooth) and brushes can be used on straight and soft wavy hair extensions.

Any type of brush is fine, soft bristle or the ones with little balls at the ends of the bristles.

Combs and Brushes for Deep Wave and Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions

The general rule is that deep wave and curly hair textures (including kinky curly and Afro curly textures) should be combed with wide tooth combs and not narrow tooth combs as these cause curly hair textures to loop and tangle as the hair is pulled through the narrowly spaced teeth.

Ideally brushes shouldn’t be used on deep wave and curly clip in hair extensions unless the hair is fully detangled first and your aim is to get a fluffy, volumized look with undefined curls (click on image to enlarge).

That’s a wrap.

If you’d like more clip hair extension care tips, peruse the guides about oils and conditioners as well as easy washing methods for clip in hair.

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