Can Ultra Hold Lace Wig Adhesive Really Last for 42 Days?
(and other Ultra Hold adhesive Questions)

"Can Ultra Hold lace wig adhesive really last for 42 days? I'm visiting family abroad for six weeks and don't want my lace wig to come off"

Ultra Hold lace wig adhesive is one of the top brands for soft bonds and it’s famous for its long hold 3 – 6 weeks; this means if used properly your lace wig should remain attached for up to six weeks (42 days).

Ultra Hold Lace Wig AdhesiveUltra Hold Lace Wig Adhesive 1.4 oz.

However, there can be factors that affect the hold time of any adhesive (see question and answer below) so it would be advisable to take the lace wig adhesive with you on your travels (along with your skin cleanser (such as 99% alcohol), skin protectants (such as scalp protector) and an adhesive release produce such as lace release.

If you use the small 1.4 oz. bottle (which should be more than enough for six weeks even if you used it each week) it will fit discretely in a jacket pocket or handbag, so it will be on-hand for any emergency touch-ups.

"Although Ultra Hold wig adhesive is waterproof, how soon can I get my hair (lace wig) wet after attaching it?"

Ultra Hold is water resistant but ideally the area of attachment should not come into contact with water within the first 24 hours after the adhesive has been applied.

"One lace wig website that ultra hold lace wig adhesive is the best lace wig adhesive to use for extended hold, but I can only get it to work for a week or so, what am I doing wrong?"

Ultra hold is a great lace wig adhesive and does provide extended hold.

However it's important to understand that the effectiveness of lace wig adhesives depends on four main factors (yes there are others, but we'll stick to the big four for now):

  1. Skin preparation prior to adhesive application

  2. How the wig adhesive is applied

  3. The type of wig being fitted

  4. Body chemistry, such as how active your sebaceous glands are (oily or combination skin) or how much you perspire

Cleansing the Skin:

Make sure that this area of skin is washed and fully dried, and use a cleanser afterwards (99% alcohol is a good choice and can be bought at any chemist or pharmacy).

Skin Protectants:

Not all adhesives require a skin protectant (in fact some adhesives are not supposed to be used with skin protectants), but Ultra Hold should be used with a skin protectant such as scalp protector or another brand.

Make sure that the skin protectant has dried before applying Ultra Hold wig adhesive.

Adhesive Application:

Ultra Hold is quite thick and although it sounds odd, sometimes if too much is applied, it can impact the hold time.

Apply a thin layer of the Ultra Hold wig adhesive and let it dry until it feels tacky to the touch, then attach your hairpiece.

If you prefer, you can apply a second layer of Ultra Hold lace wig adhesive being sure to let each layer dry until tacky to the touch before attaching your unit.

Body Chemistry:

If you have oily skin, this could impact the hold time and if this is the case, then perhaps a lace wig adhesive like Ghost Bond XL would be a better option as it's specifically designed to be "oil-proof" and has a long hold time.

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