Lace Release Wig Glue Remover

As a wig adhesive remover, Lace Release wig glue remover is superb.

It’s great benefit is that it reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system.

Used properly most of the adhesive residue will remain on your scalp and not on the hairpiece.

Another great feature is that Lace Release is non-oily.

Lace Release Wig Glue RemoverLace Release 1.4 dab-on

Lace Release is made by Walker Tape, so you know it's from a brand you can trust, and you know that it delivers great results.

The way that Lace Release works, means that less adhesive on the hair system when you remove it which means that less time spent will be spent cleaning your unit.

As Lace Release is alcohol based, it evaporates from the hair system without leaving any oily residue.

It's these types of traits that  combine to make for a fast, efficient service.

Lace Release Wig Glue Remover Quick Stats

Safe for Lace units : Yes
Sheen : Non-oily

How to use

Apply Lace Release over the area you wish to remove.

Wait for one minute, then gently lift the hair system away from the skin.

The lace mesh will release from the tape or glue, reducing cleanup time.

Lace Release is alcohol based so it will not leave a residue on the hair system.

Lace Release Wig Adhesive RemoverLace Release 4oz Spray

Lace Release

Do not apply to irritated skin and do not use on skin or scalp.

Do not leave on hairpiece to soak overnight.

Do not store or use near open flame.


External use only. Avoid eye contact.

Sizes available

As a 1.4oz dab-on or a 4oz spray.


Technical Grade Dimethylcarbinol, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, FD&C B 1.

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