Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions
Texture Guide

Body wave clip hair extensions resemble… come si dice… ah yes; waves.

The wave pattern is the gentlest of all the created wavy textures (natural straight textured hair extensions are even gentler but it's not a chemically created texture) and adds volume to the look of the hair.

Body Wave Clip Hair ExtensionsBody Wave Clip Hair Extensions

It’s really proved a winner with folks who like their straight hair with a little more character and texture.

The waves are very large or loose so it’s never mistaken for curly hair either at a distance or up close.

Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions... Will They Blend?

When wearing clip in hair extensions, blending your natural hair texture with the texture of the hair extensions is important for an authentic look.

If you have naturally wavy hair or if you like to add waves to your naturally straight hair, you’ll be able to blend it with your body wave clip in hair extensions.

There are naysayers who think body wave clip in hair extensions can’t be worn with straight hair, but you can look at a few top tips to help with blending straight growth hair with body wave clip in hair.

Naturally curly textures will blend with body waves if you’re willing to use heat straightening tools to create waves with your natural hair.

Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions... Single or Multi Clips

Much like the other textures for clip in hair extensions, body wave clip-in hair extensions are available as single wefts which can be as narrow as 1 inch and worn at the sides of the head; and wider wefts which can be up to 9 inches that are worn at the back of the head.

Not interested in single width clip in hair extensions? No problem, body wave clip in hair extensions are also available in multi width sets (multi what huh!? Read on and all will become clear).

Sets usually have a minimum of seven wefts of varying widths and can have as many as 12 wefts per set. These multi width sets are also available in a variety of densities (density is measured in weight for clip in hair extensions).

Single wefts also come in different weights (densities). The larger clips are frequently available in different (weights) densities, so you have the choice of buying a single 8 inch piece that weighs 90g or 8 inch piece that weighs about 30g and you can check out images of this here.

Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions... Lengths

Body wave clip in hair buffs (or Johnny-come-latelies who’ve read any of our other articles on clip in hair extension textures) will know that the lengths for body wave clip hair extensions range from 8 to 28 inches.

Being a body wave buff, you’ll also know that longer lengths can be found… but you have to look for clues and treat finding them like a scavenger hunt.

Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions... Colours

Blonde Body Wave Clip-on Hair ExtensionsBlonde Body Wave Clip-On Hair Extensions

The famous faces of colour show up for body wave clip in hair extensions: Colours 1, 1b, 2, 4, 6, 8, 27, 30, 33, 99j, 613 (blacks, browns burgundy and blondes) as well as T-colours, copper, dip-dye, grey highlights, green, tricolours, pink, ombre and more besides – yay!

When buying online, it's worth keeping in mind that different monitors show colours differently so check the listing description and images as not all retailers allow hair extensions to be returned.

Caring For Body Wave Clip Hair Extensions...

You can check out Peruke’s Caring For Clip In Hair Extensions Guide and have a butchers at these top five tips to keep your body wave clip hair extensions in top condition.

1. Use a shampoo for chemically treated hair as the waves have been permanently set.

2. Deep condition or use a leave-in conditioner to strengthen the hair

3. Seal in moisture by applying nourishing hair oils to damp hair.

4. Prevent the hair from becoming dry with a water based moisturiser, free from mineral oils.

5. Detangle before washing and at the end of washing (before drying).

That's the leap and bound through body wave clip hair extensions!

If you're interest is piqued about clip in hair extensions then check the Hair Extensions Q&A section for more info or keep up with the next guide about clip hair extensions, hairpieces, wigs and weave hair by joining our blog.

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