Can You Blend Afro Hair Extensions
With Natural Afro Hair?

"Can you blend Afro hair extensions with natural (unprocessed) Afro hair?"

Yes you can and there are two great options for wearing Afro hair extensions that you can blend with your natural Afro hair.

Whether you’re a newbie or an old Pro, you’ll already be familiar with Afro textured wigs, so let’s crack on with two types of Afro textured hair extensions that blend well with unprocessed Afro hair; Afro Curl and Loose Afro Curl (aka Kinky Curly). Some can be enlarged twice (look for the expansion box, top right of the enlarged image window).

Curly Afro Hair Extensions...

Kinky Curly Hair Weave (aka Loose Afro Curl)

Kinky curly (aka loose Afro curl) hair weaves are available in both synthetic hair and human hair versions.

As with all things synthetic, there’s a super wide range of colours out there as well fancy colours like blue, green, dip-dyes and the like.

Kinky curly human hair weaves are also available in a broad spectrum of colours and are available in lengths of up to 24 inches (measured straight) – and there's a 
detailed article about kinky curly hair weaves.

Kinky curl (loose Afro curl) hair extensions are also available as micro ring hair extensions which can blend with your natural hair.

Afro Curly Hair Weave

Afro curly hair weaves (the texture that resembles type 4 Afro hair) are available in both synthetic fibre and human hair versions.

The synthetic version of Afro curly hair weaves has a much wider spectrum of colours than the human hair counterpart.

Type 4 Afro curly human hair weaves tend to only be available in darker colours (blacks and browns). There are some retailers who offer a few other colours, but not many (retailers or colours). On the plus side, Afro curly hair weaves can usually be dyedooh… although the dark colour has to be lifted first before achieving colours like reds or blondes…aww!

Afro hair weave extensions can either be locks of curls which you separate with a tail comb (or pick) to produce less defined locks of curls or they can be bought slightly pre-combed (image above).

Afro Hair Extensions Clip In Hair Extensions

Kinky Curly Clip In Hair Extensions

The kinky curly texture for clip in hair extensions tends to be available mainly as human hair extensions. There are some synthetic versions available, but few and far, far between.

Kinky curly human hair clip in extensions tend to available in colours like black to medium browns. Again, there are some retailers who offer a few other colours like burgundy (99J) and strawberry blondes.

Afro Curly Clip In Hair Extensions

Much like its kinky curly second cousin, the Afro curly texture for clip in hair extensions is mainly available as human hair extensions with even fewer offering synthetic hair versions.

Afro curly human hair clip in extensions are usually found in dark browns and blacks but there are a few ombre or dip-dyed colour schemes around too.

Afro hair clip in extensions come in two forms; set curls that can be separated with a tail-comb or they come as a more natural, slightly combed through form.

Lengths for All Afro Hair Extension Types

The usual lengths are between 8 and 24 inches - there are longer lengths available and if you look very, very, very hard and squint your eyes so they’re almost closed you might just be able to find them.

When choosing the length choose, keep your eyes wide open to the fact that the length quoted is for the straight (stretched) length and not the curled length.

The size of the curl can vary, so check the listing description and image before you buy.

Caring For Afro Hair Extensions

As Afro textured hair extensions are curly (whether tighter or looser curls) they require caring for in a way that protects and preserves the texture, which includes musing the right styling products and tools to keep the texture soft and manageable; using the right oils to smooth frizz and nourish the hair and of course washing Afro textured extensions in a way minimises tangling.

That's your stroll through texture matching with Afro hair extensions.

There're more answers to your questions in the Hair Extensions Q&A section and plenty more articles and guides on the navigation menu. If you'd like to keep up to date with the next guide about hair weave, hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces then join our blog.

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