How Do You Care For Afro Hair Weave?
(and other afro textured weave questions)

"How do you care for Afro hair weave?"

Taking care of your Afro hair weave needn't be a chore and with a few tips for daily care, styling and washing, you'll be able to rock your Afro hair extensions for at least a couple of months or longer.

This guide covers two key areas for maintaining human hair Afro textured hair weave:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Styling (combing and hair products)

Okidoki, without further ado, let's get deep... well let's at least discuss getting that moisture deep into the hair...

Moisturizing Afro Hair Weave

The key to avoiding brittle Afro weave hair is to moisturize it. The fact that you've chosen an Afro texture for your hair weave means that you want to wear curly hair so the best way to keep curly hair looking good is to give it moisture.

Always use a water based moisturiser. A water based moisturizer will have water listed as its first ingredient (an oil based product will list an oil product as its main ingredient). A water based moisturizer will give the Afro textured hair weave the moisture (water) it needs. 

Choose a moisturizer that doesn't contain mineral oils or to put it another way; choose a moisture that contains vegetable or nut oils like coconut   oil, argan oil and almond oil (you can check out this guide for a more extensive list of oils and butters that are good for Afro hair weave) as well as a guide about how to apply nourishing oils to Afro weave hair).

The best way to apply moisturizer on an Afro hair textured weave is to use a pump spray bottle (this also means you can moisturize your growth hair at the same time). You can mix one part moisturizer with three parts water or make your own moisturiser.... "Hmm, just how do I make my own moisturizer?" Good question, you can make your own moisturizer by filling a spray bottle with:

  1. 250 ml of water
  2. 1 tablespoon of glycerine
  3. 1 tablespoon of your chosen oil

If you find it's too heavy on the oil and glycerine, add more water. If you don't want to use oil, then a glycerine and water mix (at a rate of 10% glycerine and 90% water) will also help to keep the hair moisturized.

The glycerine helps the hair to draw in moisture from the atmosphere which means it's less likely to dry out, and the oil helps seal in the moisture from the water - a triple treat for your Afro hair weave - hooray!

Styling Afro Hair Weave

We're not talking ribbons and clips, we're talking styling products and heat straightening (there's a separate guide for combing Afro weave hair).

Heat Styling Afro Weave
There is no easy way of removing this Band-Aid so we'll just rip it right off and say heat styling tools should be a no-no for Afro textured hair weave... sorry, but it's true.

Afro textured hair weave has been processed to achieve the texture... yes, it's true; the hair doesn't come from donors with Afro hair, it's usually Indian Remy hair that's been curly permed - so much in the same way you wouldn't get a get curly perm and heat straighten your hair to within an inch of its life is the same way you shouldn't do that with human hair Afro weave.

Styling Products for Afro Weave

Styling products.... essentially, you're free to use whatever you fancy, whether serums, curl activators or hairsprays - just remember that hair products help hair trap dirt, so lots of product in your Afro weave is likely to mean more frequent washing of your Afro weave; this isn't a bad thing (unless you've glue bonded your hair weave), it's just something to keep in mind...

... Since we've mentioned washing, we should also mention that you can check out a guide to washing curly hair weave extensions and adapt the steps for your own hair washing regime and also check out the tips on deep conditioning your Afro weave again, you can adapt the steps to suit your regimen.

Summary of How to Care for Afro Hair Weave

Avoid heat styling; keep the hair moisturised daily with oil free sprays or moisturisers with plant based oils and condition the hair (whether deep conditioning or leave in conditioners)

There you have it; your three golden rules to keep your Afro hair weave in good condition.

It would be remiss not to mention the loose Afro curl texture (kinky curl) and there's a guide about the loose Afro curl texture for hair extensions whether weave or clip-in hair extensions.

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