What Are Do It Yourself Hair Extensions?

Do it yourself hair extensions are basically hair extensions that you can do by yourself at home. They might involve glue, but they don't involve any form of fusion.

Below is quick trot through the DIY hair extensions you can try on yourself or some willing friends. 

Do It Yourself Hair Extensions... Clip On Extension Hair

What They Are and How They Work

An easy method to add volume and length are clip on hair extensions; just snap them in, style and go - it really is as simple as that.

The popularity of clip in extensions is that they can pretty much be used by anyone who has at least 3cm of natural growth hair.

They are available as single clips (including single coloured clip in extensions for a bright burst of colour) or as multi width sets which usually start at seven piece sets and can increase to 12 piece sets and come in varying densities (weights).

The weft size ranges in width from approximately (1 inch) 2.5cm for the temples to 23cm (9 inches) for across the back of the head.

If you thought you could only get straight textured clip in extensions, then you're in for a treat, as clip in extensions are available in a range of clip on extension textures including Afro curl, kinky curl, silky straight, body wave and loose wave and a few more besides.

These are great for an instant look that you can create at home, so defo do it yourself hair extensions!

Do It Yourself Hair Extensions... Hair Weaving Extensions

What They Are and How They Work

Glue in hair weave

Hair weaving is a great way to add length and volume. Hair wefts aka hair weave extensions, are long wefts of hair attached to a track at the top.

The length can be anything from 4 inches to 26 inches and in some brands actually produce shorter and longer lengths.

They are attached by one of several means, either through gluing the hair wefts along a small section of your hair – this type of extension is often called glue in hair extensions, and they are certainly do it yourself hair extensions as long as you're confident in your ability.

Hair Weaving Hair ExtensionsTricolour Hair Weaving Extensions

If you're new to trying glue in hair extensions, then try gluing the hair weft to a stocking cap instead that way you can wear it as a DIY wig and you needn't be concerned with finding hair extension glue removers.

Another method of attachment is when the hair weft is sewn into the hair along cornrows (canerows) and whilst it may seem like something you couldn't do yourself, there are plenty of women of all ages who do just that.

You can sew the hair weave directly onto the cornrows or you can use the net weaving technique and sew the net onto the cornrows and then sew the hair weave onto the net.

Much like any other type of extension hair, hair weaves are available in variety of textures including Afro curl, kinky curl, silky straight, yaki straight body wave and others.

Do It Yourself Hair Extensions... Braided Hair Extensions

Dip-Dye Hair Braiding ExtensionsDip-Dye Hair Braiding Extensions

What They Are and How They Work

Braided extensions are hair extensions that are attached to your own hair by being braided into small sections of growth hair.

There are broadly two kinds of braided hair extensions: the first is the kind that you braid all the way to ends or to the length you desire; the second is the kind that you braid until you get to the end of your natural hair and leave the rest of the hair extensions free flowing. Both types of hair braiding extensions can be used for:

Only the first kind is typically used for wrapped hair extensions (dreadlock hair extensions)

Wrapped hair extensions for dreadlocksWrapped hair extensions for dreadlocks

In order to attach hair braiding extensions, there has to be at least 2cm of growth hair (they can be attached to lengths slightly shorter than this, but there's the risk of the braids slipping out as the short length of the growth hair isn't sufficiently interlaced with the hair extensions).

These are definitely do it yourself hair extensions as you can teach yourself how to attach hair braiding extensions by practicing on your own hair or friends or family - if you know how to three strand braid then you can easily learn to attach hair braiding extensions (we know this from first-hand experience) just keep practicing and as the new saying goes; practice makes better.

There are different types of hair braiding extensions which can be used on any natural hair texture including Afro kinky extensions.

DIY hair extensions, done and dusted and if you’d like more information you can peruse the Hair Extensions Q&A section or keep up to speed new guides and articles by joining our blog - it's easy-peasy and doesn't require any personal info!

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