What Are The Different Types of Temporary Hair Extensions?

"What are temporary hair extensions?"

In theory all hair extensions are temporary hair extensions, but there are definitely those that are typically worn for shorter durations than others; including those that are daily wear hair extensions... So without further ado, let's skip our way through some of the top candidates for temporary hair from the shortest duration to the longest.

Temporary Hair Extensions... Clip On Hair Extensions

What They Are and How They Work

Clip in hair extensionsClip in hair extensions

A super easy temporary method of extending your hair is to use clip on hair extensions; just snap them in and you immediately add volume and length and are good to go.

They are available as single clips (including single coloured clip in extensions for a bright burst of colour) or as multi width sets which usually start at seven piece sets and can increase to 12 piece sets and come in varying densities (weights).

The weft size ranges in width from approximately (1 inch) 2.5cm for the temples to 23cm (9 inches) for across the back of the head.

As well as multi-width sets, there are multiple types of textures including straight clip hair textures, wavy clip hair textures, Afro curly clip hair textures and a several other types of clip in hair extension textures.

These are great for an instant look that can be used by anyone with at least 3cm of natural growth hair: You can attach in the morning and remove them at night - it doesn't get more temporary than that!

Temporary Hair Extensions... Glue In Hair Weaving Extensions

What They Are and How They Work

Hair weave extensions are made from wefts of hair attached to a track at the top (think of a grass skirt). Hair weave extensions are available in variety of textures including Afro curl, kinky curl, silky straight, yaki straight body wave and a few others besides.

They can be attached by the sewing the hair weft onto growth along cornrows (canerows) or by gluing the hair wefts along a small section of growth hair.

Glue applied to hair weaveGlue applied to weave hair extensions

An easy way to bond hair weave to growth hair is to apply the bonding glue along the top of the weft where the stitching is located.

The bonding glue is then left for a few seconds until it's tacky to the touch and then placed on top of the sectioned growth hair.

Some people like to use a cool setting from a hair dryer to make the bonding glue dry more quickly.

These definitely fall into the category of being a temporary form of hair extension as they take less than a few hours to apply and last for anywhere between 10 and 21 days.

Temporary Hair Extensions... Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Adhesive Tape Skin Weft Hair ExtensionsAdhesive Tape Skin Weft Hair Extensions

What They Are and How They Work

Skin weft hair extensions (also known as adhesive weft hair extensions, tape-in weft hair extensions and tape hair extensions) are a form of weft hair extensions.

The hair is held together by a strip of PU strip or an adhesive tape that remains sticky enough to adhere to the wearer's growth hair.

There are several types of skin weft hair extensions:

  • Those that come with adhesive tape at the top on one side.
Single side tape hair extensions being attachedSingle side tape hair extensions being attached
  • Those that come with adhesive tape at the top on both sides.

  • Those that come without any adhesive tape at the top (the adhesive tape is attached separately).

Thin skin wefts are sandwiched between a person's growth hair making a sort of growth hair-skin weft hair-growth hair sandwich... no, that doesn't sound like something we'd want to eat either but it's a way of explaining how they're attached.

Once attached skin weft hair extensions can last between two and eight weeks depending on the version you use and how you treat them once attached.

Braided extensions are hair extensions that are attached to your own hair by being braided into small sections of growth hair.

Ta-dah! Temporary hair extensions, done and dusted and if you’d like more information you can peruse the Hair Extensions Q&A section, using the navigation menu or you can even keep up to speed new guides and articles by joining our blog - it's easy-peasy and doesn't require any personal info!

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