Lace Wig Application

If you're new to lace wigs, your lace wig application need not be a daunting job. Whether your lace wig cap is French lace, Swiss lace, or another type of cap construction that requires an adhesive (tape or glue), the general method applies to all.

The basic lace wig application steps are:

  1. Clean the skin with soap and water.
  2. Cleanse the perimeter of the hairline with 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or a strong cleanser
  3. Use a lint free cloth to dab the perimeter of your hairline with a layer of scalp protector or skin protectant
  4. Allow the scalp protector or skin protectant to dry completely.
  5. Apply your adhesive (glue or tape) to the skin immediately in front of your natural hairline ear to ear
  6. Let adhesive glue dry until it’s tacky to the touch (skip this step for tape adhesive)
  7. Starting at the front, in the middle of your forehead, position the lace wig onto the adhesive,, pressing firmly
  8. Work your way to each ear making any adjustments
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the hairline behind your ears and around the nape of the neck.

The detailed version of this process is outlined below:

Pre-Lace Wig Application: Preparing Your Hair

Make sure that if you have growth hair it’s washed and as flat as possible either in cornrows (canerows), a wrap and if you prefer,  covered with a wig cap.

Pre-Lace Wig Application: Preparing Your Lace Wig

Pull wig hair back into a big hair clip.
Clip baby hair back with small bobby pins, or hair clips.
Cut lace back to leaving half a centimetre (quarter of an inch) of lace using small sharp scissors.
Take your time doing this and if you prefer leave half an inch do so, remember you can always cut more of the lace away.
You can also save the lace cuttings to test different adhesives.

Preparing Your Skin (steps 1-4)

Wash the face and neck and use alcohol or a 99% isopropyl alcohol astringent to remove any excess oils and residue, this will mean that your method of adhering the wig to your skin will be secure.

Always perform a skin test on a small patch of skin for allergies when using a new product.

Then apply Walker scalp protector (or any other brand of scalp protector or skin protectant) to the nape of the neck and forehead to protect your skin from any possible irritation due to the adhesive; allow this to dry completely.

Apply Adhesive (Steps 5 and 6)

Apply a thin layer of adhesive around perimeter of your front hairline – following the instructions for the specific adhesive you’re using.

Let adhesive glue dry until it’s tacky to the touch.
Skip this step for tape adhesive.

Attaching Your Lace Wig (Steps 7-8)

Position the wig on your head with the hairline of the wig rolled back.

Starting at the centre of the forehead bond the lace hairline to your head moving towards each ear.

You can use a small tooth comb to press the wig hairline against the adhesive on the scalp.

Repeat steps 1-8 for the hairline from the nape of the neck around to each ear.

Removing Your Lace Wig

Apply the adhesive remover  (by spraying or using a pipette) onto the lace around the perimeter of your hairline (where it is bonded to your skin) - always follow the instructions on the adhesive remover you’re using.

Allow the adhesive remover to completely release the lace from your skin before attempting to remove the wig - this will preserve the lace as you will not be pulling or tugging at it unnecessarily.

If the lace does not easily come away from your skin, use more remover.

If glue remains on the lace, use a mirror and slide the lace across the surface – this should remove any glue residue - which leave your lace wig clean and ready for your next lace front wig application.

Now you know how to apply a full lace wig, you can give it a go as long as you remember one thing: practise makes better.

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