Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions
Texture Guide

Yaki straight tape-in hair extensions resemble very curly or Afro textured hair that has been chemically or heat straightened. It's a truly soft texture with great movement and fluidity. In many versions of the yaki textures (aka relaxed straight) you'll notice very tiny kinks in the hair strands which is why it's doesn't appear as evenly shiny as the silky straight texture.

We know that some people like to use the word "coarse", we think a better way of describing it might be to say it's less smooth which means it has more of a matte finish and not a glossy or shiny one like the silky straight tape extension texture.

Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions... Will They Blend?

Blending your skin weft extensions is important for an authentic look. If your growth hair is naturally very curly ranging densely packed corkscrew curls through to Afro curls of any size and you're looking for your perfect match in tape in hair extensions, then you've definitely found it with the relaxed straight or trade name Yaki straight texture.

As you'll be the one who has to wear it, what's most important when choosing your skin weft extension hair texture is to make sure that you like how it looks with your growth hair.

Lengths for Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair ExtensionsYaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

Much like other types of weft hair, the lengths start at eight inches and work their way up to 26 inches. There are slightly longer lengths out there but where they are can sometimes be anyone's guess as it can be hard to find retailers that stock them.

Also remember that if you intend to have your tape-in hair extensions styled and cut in a way that involves taking length off the bottom, it’s worth bearing this in mind when you choose the length and if you're unsure about which hair lengths complement which face shapes, then check out our wigs by face shape guide - yes it says wigs but it's more about hair lengths and face shapes.

If you're a hair extension wearing veteran, you'll know that relaxed straight tape-in hair extensions are available as remy hair and non-remy hair... and now a no-tangle non-remy.

Sets For Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

Yaki straight tape-in hair extensions come in sets (bundles) of 20 or 20 pieces (a few retailers offer sets with fewer pieces).

Unlike ordinary sew in weave, tape extensions tend to be sold as single length sets as opposed to multi-length bundles.

Colours for Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

The most widely available colours are browns and blacks. The limited colour range is compensated by the fact that human hair extensions can be dyed (although this often requires lifting the colour first to achieve lighter colours like dark blondes and burgundy).

If you’re unsure which colours would complement your complexion, there's a hair colour and skin tone guide.

Caring for Yaki Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you haven’t already perused the Peruke’s guide to Caring For Tape In Hair Extensions, then cast your eyes over these top five tips to get you started.

1. Wash your Yaki tape hair at least every couple of weeks using a shampoo for coloured hair to protect and prolong the dyed colour.

2.  It's always a good idea to either use a leave-in conditioner or deep condition on your tap in hair as this will help to repair and strengthen the hair.

3.  Keep Yaki skin weft extensions moisturized, with a water-based moisturizer that doesn't contain mineral oil (as it doesn't penetrate human hair, but coats it and traps dirt and dust).

4.  Tame fly-away hair by using hair oils to smooth and nourish the tape in hair extensions to calm frizz or seal moisture in dry ends (for best results apply to damp hair).

5. Avoid any hair-styling products coming into contact with the adhesive part of the tape in hair extensions as these can cause the adhesive to soften and the weft hair to come loose.

Well pasta and bagels...! That seems to be it on the run through for Yaki straight tape-in hair extensions.

If you're after more information on tape in hair extensions then check out our Hair Extension Q&A section or you can keep up to date with all our guides and articles about hair extensions, wigs, weaves and hairpieces by joining our blog.

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