Hair Colours for Lace Wigs -
Which Colours Suit Darker Skin Tones?

Which Colour Lace Wigs Suit Darker Skin Tones?

Lace wigs come in a variety of textures, lengths and colours and choosing the hair colour can be like choosing the colour of cosmetics or paint; it's all about tones.

Many put forward that there are colours that are completely off limits but the fact is; every skin colour can wear every colour of hair, as long as the tone of the hair colour complements the tone of your skin

Skin Undertones Across All Skin Colours

The general view is that whatever the skin colour, everyone has either a warm or a cool skin tone and knowing what your skin tone is can also help with choosing your the hair colour of your next wig.

If your skin has yellow or golden undertones (gold jewellery suits your skin) and the veins on the inside of your arms look like they're tinged with green, then you have a warm skin tone.

If your skin has blue or pinkish undertones (silver jewellery suits your skin) and if the veins on the inside of your forearms look like they're tinged with blue, then you have a cool skin tone.

Take a looksee at the skin tone chart to the right and then take a look at the wig hair colour charts for inspiration as to your next choice of hair colour for your wig.
Skin tone chart from

Click on the images to enlarge (some can be enlarged twice - look for the expansion box top right of the enlarged image window).

General Lace Wig Hair Colours That Complement Darker Skin Tones

Black is super easy to wear.

Browns – dark chocolate through to chestnut browns. Blondes – warm honeys and caramels add warmth to the skin complexion.

Reds – deep and rich plums, auburns, burgundy, copper reds with hints of chocolate.

Below is a breakdown of the colour tones for each main colour (black, brown, red, blonde and fancy) that complement dark and cool skin tones as well as dark and warm skin tones.

Hair Colour Ideas for Dark Skin Colour With Cool Undertones

Jet black and brownish black.

Dark browns, mahogany, flat browns and coffee

Wine, mahogany, burgundy, auburns and plums

Ash tone, dark blondes

Fancy Colours
Violet, blue, cool greens and purple

Hair Colour Ideas for Dark Skin Colour With Warm Undertones

Brownish black

Mahogany, chocolate, dark browns, chestnut browns and fawn browns

Orange based reds, copper, red, plums, auburns and burgundy

Honey and caramel

Fancy Colours
Violet, blue and cool greens

Note About Light Blonde Hair Colours:

The top row of this last colour chart isn't the most complementary for the darkest skin tones - lowlights should be added if you choose the lightest blonde hair colour for your wig.

If you’d like more tips, take a gander at our Lace (and traditional cap) wig Q&A section or you can keep up with the next guide or article about wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions by joining our blog.

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