How to Cut Fringe Bangs
Into Hair Weave and Wigs

Hey there, DIYers, this guide is to show you how to cut fringe bangs into our DIY hair weave wig, or any wig that you think would suit you better with fringe bangs.

This guide is just about cutting fringe bangs into your weave hair or wig.

If you're new to making your own wigs then it's worth checking out the DIY Hair Weave Wig Guide

There is also a short DIY Wig with fringe (bangs) and lace closure guide just for adding fringe (bang) weave hair pieces to your DIY wig or weave hair.

Once you've read those or your weave hair or wig is read for fringe bangs, then head back here and read on.

Tools For Cutting Fringe Bangs

Tools for adding fringe to a hair weave wig
  1. Your finished DIY wig on a polystyrene head or mannequin head or canvass head
  2. Scissors
  3. Comb
  4. Heat styling tool, straighteners, curling wand or tongs
  5. Clips (or a hairband if you don't have any clips)
  6. The hair weave bundle is to show you the weave used for this tutorial

How to cut fringe bangs into your DIY wig 

Step 1
Part the hair on both sides creating a triangle with the crown point as the center.

The widest point of the fringe bangs (triangle) should be the end of each eyebrow (the outer corner of each eye) the fringe bangs should be at the end of each eyebrow.

Clip the rest of the hair back on each side or tie back using hairbands.

Step 2
Beginning with the middle of the parted section, trim the bangs straight across right under the eyes.

Using that cut middle part as a guide, continue trimming across both ends.

Fringe bangs are usually cut at eye level but if you're unsure, then start lower at around halfway down the nose, you can always trim the fringe bangs later).

Make the fringe bangs slightly longer if you plan on using heat or rollers to shape the fringe bangs then this will make fringe bangs appear shorter.

Work slowly and trim away any excess or stray hair so that the fringe bangs are even.

Step 3
Clip up the top two or three tracks of hair, and use your heat styling tool to shape the hair below it.

Unclip those two or three tracks closest to the crown and use the heat styling tool to shape that section too.

Phew! Bet that wasn't as hard as you thought it would be!

You can now consider yourself on the road to cutting fringe bangs with confidence.

Once you get comfortable with the basics you'll be able to move on to cutting wispy fringe bangs, feathered fringe bangs, side fringe bangs and every other kind of fringe bang you can think of.

What a great way to jazz up your look!

If you have any ideas for other tutorial or want to share tips, use the form below.

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