Glueless Full Lace Wigs:
No Glue Required = Glueless lace wigs

Glueless full lace wigs are basically full lace wigs that don't require the use of any kind of adhesive (tape or liquid glue) in order to be worn - and if you'll indulge us for just we'd like to take a short detour before we get on to discussing what a "glueless" lace wig actually is... Here at TCPG, we recognise that since 2013 (when this term started gaining prominence) and still to this present day (where it continues to be used with gusto) that the word "glueless" is not a real word - go on, look it up (in a real dictionary) and you'll find that it doesn't exist... it's not as though there are wigs that come with caps impregnated with glue and there are other wigs that don't, and it's not as though glue is the only way to bond a wig to skin - there's also a nifty invention called tape but the phrase "tapeless lace wigs" hasn't suddenly appeared and taken over wig-chats-at-the-water-cooler...OK (rant) detour over, back to business.

In summary, glueless full lace wigs refer to full lace wigs that can be worn without adhesive (glue or tape) as traditionally, lace wigs were always worn with the use of some form of wig adhesive.

Glueless full lace wigs with combsGlueless full lace wig with combs

The cap is made with:

  • adjustable straps at the back or the whole perimeter
  • clips or combs (or both) located that can be at the back, crown, sides which are sometimes on tabs located near the ears (alternatively, there may not be any clips or combs)

Additional combs or clips can be added for a more secure fitting.

The adjustable straps can reduce the overall circumference by up to four centimetres (approximately 1.5 inches) so if your measurements are slightly smaller than the standard 22.5 inch full lace wig cap, then you'll be able to adjust it to make it smaller.

The lace cap itself can be customised to include thin skin perimeters, stretch lace at the crown or a silk top lace wig - any stretch lace will always be a different colour to the lace because it contains elasticated material.

If you have significant or total hair loss and therefore cannot use the combs or clips, these can be removed or you can customise your order so that your full lace wig comes with adjustable straps but without combs and clips - in this instance a thin skin perimeter might  be preferable as the PU strip can be worn without the need for adhesive - the seal it forms with the skin is not particularly breathable and if you're prone to oily skin or you perspire significantly then adhesive should be used.

Glueless Lace wigs with 4x4 inch silk topGlueless lace wig with adjustable straps, crown stretch and silk top

If stretch lace is added to the glueless full lace wig, then  it will afford an extra room and if this is important to you then ask your chosen retailer how much extra (if any) there is.

If you're totally new to full lace wigs then starting with glueless full lace wigs is a good idea; it's also a good idea if you're allergic to adhesives or solvents or want a break from using them.

Another bonus to the Wear & Go full lace cap wig (yes, that's what we here at TCPG are have started saying instead of glueless lace cap wigs) is that you can take it off daily to take care of your scalp or any growth hair.

As adhesives are not used, it means that the hair cannot be worn in a high up-do as perimeter would lift up. However the TCPG top tip is to go for looks where the hair is kept low towards the neck and shoulders.

Glueless Full Lace Wigs: No Glue Required - Benefits, Drawbacks and Variations


  • No glue, tape or removers required
  • Lace wig can be taken off easily – which is useful if you have a daily care routine for your hair or scalp


  • Any stretch lace may be visible if the hair is worn with a parting that runs across the panel.
  • Lace wig cannot be worn in a taut, high up-do due to perimeter of lace not being bonded to the skin
Glueless lace wig cap with stretch in the crown and combsGlueless lace wig cap with combs

As with all lace wigs, there are variations to the glueless full lace wig design, some of which include:

It's easy to be enticed into all sorts of options for your full lace wig cap construction, without really knowing whether you need (or even want) to go the whole hog with accessories.

The TCPG Top Tip for finding your way through the thicket of full lace wig cap designs is to decide: what it is you need, what it is you want and then choose your full lace wig cap construction; after all, it's going to be the hair that you wear.

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